Are Asos, Zara and Cider Fast Fashion? See Fast Fashion Giants

fast fashion giants
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For quite a while now, fast fashion has gained popularity, especially in recent years. Giant brands such as ASOS have been dominating the industry for quite a while. However, there have been concerns raised over the environmental impact of fast fashion. This blog seeks to dig deep into the giant companies that are controlling fast fashion. Take a look:

1. Let’s First define the terms: What is Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is one of the most common terms you are likely to meet in the world of fashion. It refers to the production of cheap clothing that for sure imitates the current fashion trends. Fast fashion has been associated with quick turnarounds, mass production as well as the use of low-cost materials. The goal of fast fashion is to offer the last fashion at affordable prices. However, due to overproduction, fast fashion has become a serious threat to the environment.

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2. Is ASOS Fast Fashion

ASOS is one of the largest online fashion retailers and has been at the frontline in the production of trendy and very affordable clothing options. They deliver speedily and their turnover is largely great. This means that definitely ASOS is a fast fashion as it produces trendy clothes at a more cheaper price and in large quantities as well.  However, experts at the place have defended the company saying that it has implemented eco-friendly measures such as ethical trading initiatives and recycling programs.

IS ASOS Fast Fashion

3. Is Cider Fast Fashion?

Cider is one of the companies in the entire world that are gaining massive popularity. Cider stands for conscious and intentional design with ethical practices and very responsible consumption.

fast fashion giants

4. Is Zara Fast Fashion? Are Asos, Zara, and Cider Fast Fashion

Fashion lovers around the world can agree with me that Zara is a fast pioneer. It is one of the oldest players in the game as well as a veteran brand that sells whole fast fashion apparel with fleeting trends. The clothes and garments produced by fast fashion are known to be sold at very low prices and in large quantities. By following this business model, we have no doubt in claiming that Zara is one of the fashion companies in the world.


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