Barbie doll makeup look in just simple and free products

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Barbie makeup look has always intrigued many of us. To create that look it is not necessarily true that you may need a lot of makeup products here is a simple way to achieve that look:

1. primer Barbie makeup:

you always need a primer to prep ur face but you don’t need to buy an expensive primer for this as aloe vera gel acts as a best primer for ur face.

2. foundation and concealer:

 I always suggest not to wear foundation all over the face  especially to teens or those who have fresh younger looking skin .start by applying foundation/ concealer underneath ur eyes or any area where u have spots ,blend it and then set it with a powder.

3. prepping our eyes:

U don’t need to apply eyeshadow primer to ir eyes u can simply apply  concealer or a little foundation to ur eyes and then set it.

4. eyebrows: shape ur eyebrows and fill in it whatever gel u like.

5. eye makeup :

Start by applying a light pink or peach eyeshadow on the crease of ur eyes blend it properly and then over the lid apply a darker shade and blend it properly .apply the same darker shade underneath ur eyes to give a dramatic look. Apply a brown gel liner on the lid and a white eye pencil in ur eyes instead of black kohl(this gives a more doll-like appearance).

6. cheeks:

Apply a pink or peach sade blush or smudge some pink or peach lip color over ur cheeks and blend it towards ur nose (on the sides qnd on the center) this gives a beautiful appearance.

7. highlighter:

For highlighter, u need to apply some white silvery higher on ur cheek bones ur nose over ur lips, and your forehead. If u don’t have a highlighter You can simply use a glittery eyeshadow instead.

8. lipstick:

If ur overall makeup looks dark don’t go for a darker shade for ur lips as it will give you a bold look and not that soft makeup look apply a little tint or lipstick on ur lips.

or you can simply apply a nude shade of peach on ur lips and add a darker shade on the center of her lips and smudge it to give u a good appearance.


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