Beach Outfit Ideas!

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I would like to admit what a friend of mine once told me concerning beaches. He said,’ a day at the beach keeps the doctor away.’ Do you agree with this?

Personally, I have been down at the coast numerous times now. If I was to count, I think I have visited the beach seven times as of now. And one thing I love about the beach and its environs is the cool breeze with warm waters that come with a certain peace of mind.

One that surpasses human understanding cause, you cannot really explain it. While making plans to visit the beach, one has to consider the beach outfit for such a time spent there. And here is where I come in as a guide on what to carry along for that hang out at the beach ladies. Enjoy!

beach outfit 1

A light nice dress would do. Here you will have to select one that suits the color of your choice. Colors that fit perfectly for a beach serenity are white, maroon, sky blue, and jungle green just to mention a few. Ensure to carry a dress that allows maximum aeration cause the coast gets hotter than usual sometimes.

Therefore, proper aeration is crucial. This prevents you from fainting as a result of suffocation.

Beach outfit 2

A hot pantie with a bra on top is also suitable for a hangout at the beach!

Some women think that a pantie with a bra on top may be too explicit in public at the beach. However, I believe it is okay for such a place. For those who disagree, you can then add a shirt to cover your chest and probably the back.


This suits best after a long and tiresome swim out in the warm waters of the sea. On your right, a cold glass of mango juice would be just perfect for cooling your systems, as you chill while observing the beautiful sea waves.

Beach outfit 3

Where to get this beach outfit!

Online platforms such as,, and A physical fashion store at your place will also do just fine. With 30 USD, you should be able to get yourself one of these fine beach outfit dresses ladies! Just try them out while at the beach, and thank me later.

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