Beautify Your Lips and Nails

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Your lips cover a large part of your face. Even a little carelessness about them can cause a great embarrassment when you are social. Cracked, blackish, and rough lips take away the beauty of your face. You will also feel uncomfortable when you have such kinds of lips. There is also nothing good when it comes to your bad and ugly nails. So lips and nails are exposed body parts. We always should look after their cleanliness, health, and beauty. Pink and soft lips add to your beauty and well-trimmed, clean nails add to your persona. Well kept and well-painted nails add to your beauty too.

Following are some of the tips to keep your lips and nails beautiful. 


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* Lips:

# Regularly apply glycerine, ghee, skimmed milk, and oil onto your lips. So that they will not remain dried.

# To look after cracked lips use the mixture of glycerine, lemon juice, and rosewater.

# For beautiful lips the mixture of milk and honey is the best remedy. Curd also makes your lips soft

# To remove the blackness of your lips use skimmed milk and a few drops of lemon juice together. Take peels of lemon and rub gently on your lips. Your lips will glow and will become soft and pink.

# To make your lips look beautiful take rose and henna leaves make a paste and apply it onto your lips.

# If you want to have soft lips and want to get rid of dryness apply warm ghee onto your lips before going to bed.


# Don’t use lipsticks every day otherwise your lips will become blackish. Also, don’t sleep without removing lipstick from your lips.

keep your lips and nails beautiful

* Nails:

Remains of the nail paint on your nails show that you are very careless about the beauty of your fingernails. If you don’t want others to assume you are careless, you have to either paint your nails again or clean your nails with the help of nail paint remover.

Keep in mind that distorted nail paint on your nails spoils your image.

If you have used the whole of your nail paint remover then buy one before applying dark-colored nail paint on your nails.

Usually, you can clean your nails within 3 to 4 days when your previous nail paint gets off from your nails. Then apply new nail paint once you clean your nails.

If you don’t have a lot of time to remove paint and apply new, use faint-colored nail paints. So that you need not hide your fingers with half-painted nails.

Keep the following things in mind:

# Make sure you have cut your nails properly.

# If you are growing up your nails, pay attention to their shape.

# Don’t gnaw your nails. It makes the skin around your nails septic.

# Clean your nails regularly.

# Don’t always use nail paint, keep your nails without painting for some days. It is good for the nourishment of your nails.

By Sainath Pathak

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