Beauty ideal?

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Beauty. Every woman’s psyche is imprinted with this belief. We used to swirl around in our mom’s gowns and high heels, her glossy smooth pearls dangling from our little and delicate necks, anxiously staring in the mirror and asking ourselves, “Am I beautiful?” Beauty is a notion that is so commonly connected with pictures of small girls that even as we become older, we strive to find beauty in the fabric, accessories, and cosmetics.

We spend countless hours and money on it because society tells us it will make us “attractive” and “beautiful.” But, what if we considered beauty to be anything other than what we wear? Is this really the extent of our thought and are we ready to put a barrier right there?

Beauty and Insecurity

For the longest time, I’ve remembered the absolute molding of the beauty that I had been enclosed in, and for me, it was utterly suffocating not being able to accept yourself the way you are and striving to find a way through this dark path of the set beauty standards. Why is it so difficult to love and accept yourself for how far you’ve come? Everyone, male or female, deals with insecurities.

What Do We See?

When we look in the mirror or have our picture taken, it is those characteristics about ourselves that stand out. I read this and realized that the scenario I was in was rather normal and that my insecurities were shared by many other ladies. Society lays the seeds of “beauty” in our thoughts even at a young age, and it nearly always feels just beyond of grasp.

The Struggle Within

Whatever you accomplish on the outside, the inner young girl is continually attempting to reach her ideal of beauty. As science and personal experience indicate, this may have a negative impact on young girls’ hearts. This may appear to be a message of pessimism and doom, yet it is actually quite the reverse; there is hope and essence to be found in this difficult situation.

Discovering and accepting our hearts as individuals, as well as learning to clothe ourselves in the complex intricacy of our hearts, is a lengthy road, but one worth pursuing. Is it necessary to take efforts toward valuing yourself and celebrating your youth in order to be pleased with yourself and appreciate each and every moment that reminds you of how far you’ve come? As they say, “scars are beautiful.”

By Yoza Ilyas

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