Benefits of Drinking Water for Skin

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Everything you need to know about water intake

Benefits of Drinking Water for Skin

Why do you need water for healthy skin and a healthy you? 

You are here to search for something that can satisfy your thoughts. Yes! adequate water intake can be a source to maintain your focus on daily activities, to have an attractive skin(Everybody wants to look beautiful indeed), to look slim and smart, to stay away from doctors, to stay young for a long time, and of course for a fast metabolism. Do you know? When you drink water, you replenish your stores. Without enough water, your body and its organs cannot function properly. Let’s come to the basic info you are here to know about water for skin.

What is the right amount of water for awesome skin?

The very basic formula for drinking water is to remember the 8×8 rule. Drinking eight glasses of water per day is a common concept among people. If you haven’t paid heed to your health yet, taking a start with the 8×8 rule is best for you. This is for beginners, but how much liquid your body needs, is the basic question.

According to very new research, an adequate amount of water for a male adult is 13.5 average glass per day and 11.5 average glass for a female adult(you don’t need to worry about other confusing measurements like in litters or gallons lol). So this is a common concept. But yeah! water intake may vary according to the environment, body condition, and also your fitness activities.

●If you live in a hot weather area and sweat a lot every day, you should maximize 1.5-2.5 glasses water of in your daily intake cause the body loses almost 1-2 liquid cups through sweating. So in short, you need more water in the summer

●If you are a sports person and do tough exercises-say more than an hour, you need 3-4 extra glasses of water. Doing such a hard workout without enough intake of water can result in damage instead of benefit. So if you are a workout person and consider water intake an ordinary thing, change your vision now and start doing your best with water.

●If you do jogging only for some minutes to keep your body fit, you may exceed water intake from 0.5-1 glass per day.

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●It’s also important to know whether children also need a lot of water for their good growth or if the phenomenon only affects the adults and elders. So yeah! It is a fact. Better growth of a child also demands enough intake of water. Drinking more water pulls their ability of visual attention.

Does water intake also affect brain functions?

70% of brain functions depend upon how much water you drink a day. Neither drinking too much is beneficial nor less is good. Adequate intake is the key. During summers, you might feel your mind out of focus in your daily activities—There is an obvious chance of dehydration. Dehydration can lead you to feel tired, lazy, weak, and confused. If you are finding the same symptoms, you may have a lack of water in your body.

This is just one side of the fact but another important side is— drinking more than enough liquid. It can also lead to harmful results. The description doesn’t aim to scare you instead, you’ll be able to know the fact that how much intake is necessary to make you healthy head to toe.

How does water play a vital role in maintaining healthy skin?

Females often have to face the problem of pimples, acne, scars, and even fine lines on the face at an early age. (You may also be a victim Dear Reader). Girls will use a lot of creams, face washes, and other advanced treatments but won’t pay heed to a simple solution that is tough to make a part of their daily routine but clearly, a healthy life-changing routine (yes an average water intake).

You can achieve a natural healthy look by doing just a few minutes of exercise and drinking enough water. So do not get obsessed with a lot of chemicals contained in beauty products and make water intake the priority.

Drink more water, lose weight and Gain fast metabolism

You may have often heard that drinking a lot of water can make you look slim and smart i.e. you can lose a lot of calories. It’s true, But again, neither excessive is good nor less is okay. It’s not a fact that the transparent liquid we see is the only liquid we can take, 20% of water is present in fruits and vegetables we eat daily(most of us eat daily, I know not everyone) So you can ease yourself by considering it about 2-2.5 glass without drinking 2-2.5 glass water.

Want to lose weight faster by drinking water! This method goanna works for you but yes, a daily morning walk/jogging/ a few minutes workout (not a hard workout) is necessary as one healthy habit leads to another that leads to another, and so on.

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Drinking water suiting your body requirement will boost your metabolism too, which means every food you eat will accurately work to energize you instead of causing acidity or any other discomfort.

Water Intake- stronger Immune system- Youthful look

How healthier our life is, no doubt our immune system decides. Adequate nutrition+proper sleep+proper hydration is the key to a strong immune system. These three are compulsory to each other. The stronger your immune system, the healthier you will be. Most of the diseases will stay far away and the body will stay active. So simply drink a lot of liquid, stay hydrated, stay strong and thus stay healthy.


Do not be hard on yourself, keep things simple- drink water when feeling thirsty, and Get stopped when feeling enough. You can also set reminders for each glass of water to complete at least 8 in a day. A very simple technique to identify whether you are drinking enough water is- you’ll feel thirst rare and pee would be clear or light yellow.

If your water intake isn’t enough, start drinking today. Drinking more liquid can be the start of a new, healthier you. All you need to do is- fill up your water bottle and go.

By Azka Noor

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