The Amazing Benefits of Laser Facial Hair Removal

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Thanks to laser facial hair removal, getting rid of unwanted facial hair has never been easier or more effective! With this non-invasive and virtually painless procedure, you can banish irritating and embarrassing peach fuzz in mere minutes every few weeks until you have smooth, laser-perfect skin that will stay that way permanently. Here are just some of the benefits of laser for facial hair removal that you’ll want to learn more about today!

No Razor Bumps

The most common reason people are told not to shave is due to razor bumps, a pesky skin condition where your hair grows back into your skin. This can be painful and cause unsightly red marks on your face that last for weeks. Hair removal by laser goes deeper than a razor can reach, cutting at an early level, preventing hair from growing in (as well as cutting away new growth). One downside is that laser treatments are often more expensive than shaving; on average, though, you may find you’re spending less over time since you’ll use fewer razors each month. In addition to eliminating razor bumps forever and reducing hair growth in its tracks, facial hair removal by laser means fewer ingrown hairs—and we all know how annoying those can be!

Permanent Results

Laser hair removal for the face permanently removes your unwanted facial hair, helping you feel more confident and beautiful without constant shaving or waxing. Laser treatments are also ideal if you have sensitive skin that is irritated by razors or waxing, which makes it impossible to remove all your facial hair at once. By using a laser instead of other methods, you can achieve consistent results over time. Laser treatments are quick and easy, with most patients spending less than 20 minutes in a treatment room. Because your laser specialist won’t need to focus on tough areas, like underarms or bikini lines, they can fully focus on safely removing unwanted facial hair without irritating your skin.

Permanent Reduction in Hair



Laser Facial Hair Removal

One of the most obvious benefits of laser facial hair removal is its permanent hair reduction. Many treatments remove unwanted hair, but none offer such a lasting effect. While other procedures only slow down or inhibit future growth, laser facial hair removal removes it for good. Not to mention that if you get your unwanted facial hair removed by laser rather than other methods, your skin will be far less damaged and you’ll have fewer side effects like scarring and burns.

No Pain or Downtime

One of the main benefits of laser facial hair removal is its pain-free application. Unlike traditional waxing, you won’t need to suffer through having hot wax applied to your face and ripped off in one swift movement. Also, there’s no need for your face to go through a lengthy recovery period because there isn’t any stubble or regrowth during laser hair removal for the face. Many people wonder how many sessions are required for them to see results, and that depends on several factors including your skin tone, hair color, and texture. Most treatments take just minutes to complete and aren’t painful at all; in fact, some people report feeling only slight tingling sensations during their procedure.

Less Regrowth (usually over 75%)

With regular laser hair removal, it is possible to permanently reduce or even eliminate facial hair. There are four settings (light, medium, heavy and dark), and each treatment session reduces an area’s density by 30-40% percent. While most people will experience less regrowth within a few weeks, there can be some initial shedding until your body gets used to your new hairless state. Unlike waxing or shaving where you see regrowth in 24 hours or less—and have to repeat treatment weekly—with laser treatments you don’t have to wait that long: after just one treatment on light-skinned individuals, you may not see much regrowth for 6 weeks; on a person with darker skin tones, that time frame can be up to 4 months!

Anti-Aging benefits


The best thing about laser facial hair removal is that it can delay, if not prevent, your face from aging prematurely. When you remove facial hair with a laser, you eliminate two common signs of aging: deep wrinkles and age spots. These skin problems make people look older than they really are and should be dealt with quickly to ensure your skin stays firm and smooth looking.


Laser Facial Hair Removal Leaves Smooth Skin

If you’re tired of that little bit of facial hair that just won’t go away, laser hair removal is your answer. In addition to being a popular choice for removing excess hair from specific parts of your body, such as your face or legs, laser hair removal can also be used to permanently rid yourself of unwanted facial fuzz. Because laser technology targets only dark pigment in your skin—such as that found in unwanted hair—laser facial hair removal doesn’t damage surrounding tissue.


Modern technology has given us more and more options for how we care for our bodies. This is especially true when it comes to hair removal. Laser facial hair removal has been around for over 20 years, yet many people aren’t sure what it does or how it works. We’re here to give you a few pointers about why you should consider having laser treatments and to help dispel some common myths about facial hair removal by laser. It’s not at all painful, there are no side effects and your skin will look fresh with beautiful, smooth results that can last as long as two years! Let’s get started

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By Bisma Khan

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