Best 5 Disneyland Outfit Ideas 2022

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Dreaming of a Disneyland adventure but having trouble choosing what to wear?  This is your chance to pick out the most amazing and coolest outfits you have in your closet with these Disneyland outfit ideas.

Best 5 Disneyland Outfit Ideas 2022

Look #1 T-shirt On Short Shorts


Don’t laugh at me for always including short shorts in every outfit idea because we like it or not, short shorts are every girl’s comfy go-to outfit. For a Disneyland look, you can pair short shorts with a t-shirt either it’s printed with Disney characters or just a plain one. For a comfier look, a sneaker is a good match for this style.

Look #2 Skinny Jeans On Jacket


If you’re afraid of the sun then go grab a sweater or a jacket and skinny jeans to cover you up. Just kidding! ✌ This style is perfect for those who want to stay warm in cold weather. You can pair it with high-edge shoes for extra style and some Disney accessories like a mini headband or a Disney character cap. An alternative look for this style is a T-shirt. Whenever you feel hot you can easily remove your jacket and rock the whole tour with a comfy t-shirt.

Look #3 Oversized Sweater On White Sneaker


I always say an oversized shirt or a dress is very comfy but not this look for Disneyland. I have hilarious experienced wearing this style. I mean the sneaker is very comfy but not the oversized sweater or if you are wearing a dress. With all the rides that I went on, an oversized sweater is not helping. Especially on that horse ride 😅. Thanks to Disneyland for having a boutique that sells good shorts.  I don’t know about you but an oversized shirt or sweater may be comfy but it is not for me when it comes to the Disneyland look. For an extra style, you can use a small backpack for some pieces of jewelry.

Look #4 Girly Dress


You know that moment when you want to enjoy all the rides and tours in Disneyland but Pictures and Instagram feed is life! I think a lot of girls, especially celebrities or influencers would wear a cute dress or a tote skirt just to look good in their social media posts. Not that I disagree with it because I’m like that sometimes and that’s okay I guess. For a dress style, you can wear a sneaker if you want a whole tour for the comfier look but if you just go to Disneyland for a photoshoot I think a heel is good too.

Look #5 Disney Character Costumes


Aside from the Disney Characters (workers) who joined the parade, I think wearing a Disney costume in Disneyland is so cute. Usually, kids are wearing a Disney costume and It’s very unusual to see adults wearing it. It would be fun if a group of friends or family wears a Disney costume. Would you agree?

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