Best Fashion Designers in the World

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Fashion Designers play a major role in our world. They work in a variety of different ways in designing their pieces and accessories influenced by culture and different trends. Their talent and vision play a big part in how people express themselves, through their creations we were able to make our appearances look better. Following are the best fashion designers who captured the hearts of many in the fashion industry and the local market. These popular personalities have shown the world how skilled and prosperous they are today.

Ralph Lauren

He is an American fashion designer, philanthropist, and billionaire businessman, best known for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. He has become well known for his collection of rare automobiles, some of which have been displayed in museum exhibits. Lauren stepped down as CEO of the company in September 2015 but remains executive chairman and chief creative officer. As of 2019, Forbes estimates his wealth at $6.3 billion, which makes Ralph Lauren the 102nd richest person in America.

Giorgio Armani

He is an Italian fashion designer. He first gained notoriety working for Cerruti and then for many others, including Allegri, Bagutta and Hilton. He formed his company, Armani, in 1975, which eventually diversified into music, sport and luxury hotels. By 2001 Armani was acclaimed as the most successful designer of Italian origin, and is credited with pioneering red-carpet fashion. In 2010, he opened the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. He is also the richest openly LGBT person in the world. In the world of fashion, he is influential to top name brands. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Armani has an estimated net worth of US$9.53 billion, as of 2021.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat is a Chinese-Malaysian fashion designer residing in London. He is known for his company Jimmy Choo Ltd that is recognized for its handmade shoes for women. Choo was born in a Malaysian Island Penang born on 15th November 1952, to a shoemaking family. His original name is Chow but on the birth certificate it was misspelled as Choo. Since the age of eleven, he has been interested in making shoes and he did so for himself. He was among the most outstanding students at Cordwainers Technical College, Hackney, from where he earned his graduation in 1983. In order to fund his education, Choo revealed that he worked as a cleaner at restaurants on a part time basis.

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Jean- Paul Gaultier

He is a French fashion designer whose iconoclastic collections in the late 20th and early 21st centuries celebrated androgyny, blended street styles with haute couture, and juxtaposed other seemingly contradictory cultural symbols. Considered to be the most influential French designers around the world of fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier mastered the work of custom-fitted attire that matches his high-end custom designs also the prêt-à-porter (or ready-to-wear) attire. He succeeded to acquire fame in the world of fashion and showcase his extraordinary style. After he introduced his design business in the year 1982, his works gained much recognition. 


Marc Jacobs

Another victorious fashion designer who conquered the world of fashion is Marc Jacobs. Before Jacobs began his collection designs in 1986 and formally presented the Marc Jacobs label, he worked before as a stock boy at Charivari, a New York clothing store. As a talented director, he was also closely engaged with Louis Vuitton and established a library and that was a big success. As of now, Jacob manages and owns over 200 retail shops all over the world. 

 Calvin Klein

He is an American fashion designer who launched the company that would later become Calvin Klein Inc., in 1968. In addition to clothing, he also has given his name to a range of perfumes, watches, and jewelry.


Valentino Garavani


He is an Italian fashion designer, the founder of the Valentino brand and company. His main lines include Valentino, Valentino Garavani, Valentino Roma, and R.E.D. Valentino.

Dolce & Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the two popular Italian fashion stylists who cooperate to manage the production of the Dolce and Gabbana fashion house in 1985. They start by designing underwear, swimming costume, and perfumes and recently involved in footwear, handbags, and cosmetics. 

Miuccia Prada

She is an Italian billionaire fashion designer and businesswoman. She is the head designer of Prada and the founder of its subsidiary Miu Miu. As of March 2019, Forbes estimates her net worth at US$2.4 billion. In 28 December 2020, Bloomberg estimated her net worth to be US$5.52 Billion & ranked 464th In Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

Roberto Cavalli

Popular for his glamorous print style, leatherwear, and denim, Roberto Cavalli is one of the various influential fashion stylists all over the world. After Cavalli launched his trademark in the 1960s, he began working on menswear creation and eyewear and presented his Just Cavalli line which preyed a teenage audience with underwear sets, perfumes, jewelry, and accessories.

Everyone is unique. We choose the clothes and we try to match it in our personalities and passions. These fashion stylists that have produced so much in the fashion business, accommodating the wants of every particular person by creating the excellent and most remarkable pieces of clothing. Creativity and focus for details are talents that caused these artistic people to become exceptionally globally-appreciated figures.

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