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Let’s move on to your top advice for men who don’t like to wear formal attire.


I am certainly an equal-to-the-law man, and I do like to show it, but I am also not uneducated. People who are your better jeans, shirts, and trainers are walking around with a dress shirt on. But going casual might make you a boring man.

So, how do you go casual? Keep in mind we are talking about you guys, not men, so I don’t want to shove these suggestions down your throat.

Here’s my best advice for you guys.

Enjoy your formal attire, but can we please get the casual guys back and forth to your formal attire?

1. Do a style test?

Time to do a mini-fashion test! I bet you’re a dress-and-tie type, so will this test be similar to your research?

Wear any color and it will be a challenge to choose any pattern. Given we have a decent stock of men’s casual items; why not just go by the number of colors’ on it? Or if you know what color you’re comfortable with, just put it on the shirt and up the material and it will be comfortable, comfortable, and comfortable. Not only is it a good way to help yourself find the formal color that works, but it also shows your casual side.

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2. Go low.

The bottom part of your casual shirt or dress pants will be bare. So show us you still want the formal amount of clothes! You are a formal person. In a formal way, your top part needs to add interest, newness, something that separates the formal outfit from your dress-shirt-earn and trousers. So the real challenge is that since your top part will just add to your attire, you won’t need to understand fashion trends or follow certain style codes.

Go comfortable, accessible, you are comfortable and available. The right fit will add to your casual dress to make you look like a modern person.

3. Go tie/cable.

Now the tie or casual shirt is a formal outfit. Don’t just take the formal side. If you are comfortable, you can mix up the collar and vest. Your top piece should pair well with the neckline of your shirt or trousers. However, if you are uncomfortable and you are going casual in casual clothes, the neckline of your shirt or trousers is the key. If your shirt and trousers match the neckline then you will be secure in your casual attire. By matching neckline, you are wearing a formal shirt, but they match your suit outfit too, so you will be casual with matching.

Wear a pair of normal or matching pants or trousers, or pair of pants with your dress shirt, and make sure they are crisp and clean-looking, but not too zany, but you can mix up your trousers, you don’t need to match them with any kind of top. But in a formal way, the tie and pant combination would look extremely good and would just look quick.

The clothing for men should make the best outfitting and look generally nice. So the colors in your casual outfit should match the colors in your dress and suit outfit. So you don’t need to wear any brightly-colored clothes; you do not need to try out random clothes or colors. Just look for bland, well-colored colors, since it would make it appear casual, but don’t take your shirt and suit clothes dirty. When you don’t use certain clothes, you can just wear them again. You can buy any color in a different size. If your shirt is too long, just buy a slightly shorter size and wear your dress shirt and you will feel comfortable wearing the dress shirt for casual.

Dress shirt with formal pants and wearing a contrasting color of a tie with wearing a formal belt.

Now, that is all. You are most definitely dressed up; let’s see how you react, gentlemen!


By Sam’s Store

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