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There’s no reason to be afraid of summer hats, and they’re fantastic for hiding a bad hair day and providing our skin with much-needed sun protection. Since hats are one of the biggest accessories and will reveal if you are self-conscious, wearing one can require a lot of confidence.


A fedora is indeed a wide-brimmed hat that looks good on taller women and can be used with long, medium-length, or even short hairstyles. If you are below 5 feet 5, I wouldn’t suggest this hat because it will engulf you.
You may wear a fedora in the summer or the winter, therefore it has recently become such a staple in your wardrobe. They are perfect for protecting the heat of your priceless skin because of their wide brims.
Depending on the style you’re striving for, fedoras look excellent with every outfit and are great summer hats. For a boho look, pair with a summer dress or midi-length skirt, sandals, or Western boots.

summer hats 



Women 5 feet 6 inches and under are much better suited for a trilby. This is due to the fact that the thinner brim won’t suffocate your frame. Any hairstyle goes well with a trilby, and summer is usually the greatest season for this look rather than winter.
Even the most basic of outfits look terrific with the trilby. Wear it with a tee or denim shorts or even a vest over mom jeans to draw attention to the hat.

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All hair lengths at all heights look good in baseball caps. Because you can’t pair them with outfits or even jumpsuits, they have fewer styling options. Put on a fashionable baseball cap, denim shorts, and a vest.

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As much as they appear cool on the Instagram fashionistas, these are REALLY difficult to pull off, and in practice, they might look more like Kevin & Perry. I would advise you to select this design in straw when this is a trend you like. Compared to, for instance, a Kangol one, it will be simpler to coordinate with dresses, shorts, and a t-shirt!

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It’s a frequent misperception that your face shape should be taken into consideration when selecting summer hats. I usually suggest selecting hats based on your height and hairstyle.

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