Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Jewelry Sale, Deals and Discounts

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Black Friday is approaching fast and Cyber Monday is chasing it! This year Black Friday is on 24 November and Cyber Monday falls on 27 November; both of these days mean a lot of great deals at both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Have you braced yourself for the shopping excitement they are bringing? We have brought you a roundup of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Jewelry deals and discounts on jewelry which you don’t want to miss this season. But first, let’s have a quick look at how these two days have changed over time.

Who is the Big Daddy?

Over the years Cyber Monday has turned out to be the ‘Big Daddy’ of the two as far as online sales are concerned with the US consumer spending touching around $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday only as against $9 billion on Black Friday in 2020. It was still short of expectations yet a new high and when we consider the hit the world had taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the figures are astoundingly impressive. This year Cyber Monday sales are expected to surpass $15 billion.

How BFCM has Affected You

In the ‘60s many people started calling in sick on the day after Thanksgiving in order to have a four-day long weekend and until the mid-’80s the term Black Friday was not as popularly known as it is today. So, it can be said that the term came into being as a response to people’s behavior. But now Black Friday is governing the behavior of people as small companies and big brands, all gear up with countless offers to entice customers to buy their products. And they are largely successful in influencing the buying patterns of consumers. The fine line between Black Friday and Cyber Monday has thinned to an extent that it’s difficult to discern where one ends and the other begins. Many times offers start on Black Friday and continue till Cyber Monday or even for the entire week that follows.

BFCM Jewelry Deals and Discounts at GemsNY


Black Friday Jewelry

The jewelry sector is often accused of not keeping pace with the discounts generally available these days on other products such as smartphones, laptops, etc. where the markdown is substantial. However, to keep things in perspective, one must also consider the dollar value of other items such as toys and electronic gadgets before comparing the discounts during the BFCM sale. Also, all such items depreciate in value over time whereas gems and jewelry don’t. Now, take a look at the offers GemsNY has brought for you in their black friday jewelry sale and decide for yourself.

Free Shipping, Free Return, and Extended Return Period

Why would you want to go to a store if you get your order delivered to you free of charge irrespective of the order size? If that’s not enough GemsNY also pays for the return shipping just in case you want to return your product for any reason. GemsNY offers a standard 30-day return on all products except those with personal messages or engravings and on natural & lab diamonds. But on BFCM deals you get an extended return period till the 15th of January 2023 (with those exclusions) even if you make your purchase in November 2023. That’s some New Year gift to cheer about!

Sitewide Discount of 20% (up to $350 off on many articles)

You can no longer complain about low discounts on jewelry during the BFCM Sale. GemsNY is offering 20% off sitewide! The scintillating colors and artistic designs of rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets are more affordable than ever before. You can also get your ring resized absolutely free within 90 days of your purchase. On many fine jewelry articles, you’ll find a discount of $350 which is equivalent to the value of a sparkling gemstone. Now you can add more sparkle to your persona within the same budget.

Referral Bonus and Exclusive offers to our subscribers

Black Friday Jewelry deals

If you’re referring GemsNY to your friends, then your friends get a discount of $50 on their first purchase while you get $75 off your next order. The joy of gifting has been made more rewarding by us. Visit here to learn more. Whenever we come out with a new and exclusive offer, you will be one of the first few lucky ones to take advantage of the same if you subscribe to our texts. You will get an additional discount of $50 on your next purchase after subscribing.

The Conclusion

Shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is like playing a game of Blackjack, only here you are not playing in a small circle but against a large number of players eyeing to hit the jackpot. The trick is to keep your cards hidden till the right moment and never lose sight of your objective, which in this case is to watch out for your favorite jewelry and grab it before the game is over.

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