Black or White? What Do You Wear?

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Black or White? What Do You Wear? What we wear can influence our state of mind, the way others see us and our daily achievements. Therefore, if we take into account a few small details, we can easily manage both our external appearance and our inner state of mind.

Black or white? Black and white are the most commonly worn colours, so when we know how to wear them properly we get other daily benefits too.

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Black or white 1


Black is perhaps the most common “color” and is preferred by the majority, both, men and women, at the same time.

All back outfits are present in most clothing styles: Rock, glamour, victorious, even office. They can be worn anytime and anywhere if we take into account the appropriate material, accessories, and cut.

A wide, rock-style leather coat is perfect during the day, especially on a rainy one. A long, black evening dress is always a good choice for a special event and if it is designed out of a fabric such as lace and highlights your waistline, you will get a sensual but serious image at the same time. The accessories during the day can be colored to get out of the black monotony. For a stylish picture, gold or silver jewels and accessories are perfect. The combination of black and silver is harder and cool, while black together with gold looks more elegant and glamorous.

Black color symbolizes attitude, power, sensuality, and elegance on one hand, but also sadness and sorrow, on the other hand. In order to make this difference in the way you choose your clothing, you must take into account textiles, accessories, and cuts. Fabrics such as lace or satin will always be stylish, and leather is associated with hardness, usually used as a symbol for the rock style. Cotton is easy to use and brings many benefits to your body, but may look poor if it is not well maintained.

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Black makes you look thinner, but it also outlines beautifully your body shape. So the cuts that emphasize our body shape will give us attitude and safety, while the wide clothes will give us a sad and depressing image.

Black shades. We can choose between warm black (which has red pigment) and cold black (with blue pigment) to be in tune with our skin tone.

Black is rather a tough male “color”. If we do not want to transmit too much male energy or resistance, we can compensate by using feminine accessories, narrow cuts, or fine fabrics. But it is also perfect if we want to impose distance or need a tougher image to achieve a professional goal.


Black or white 2

White is associated with a positive, divine, feminine, pure, and innocent color. Not for nothing is usually worn in the summer. Is sometimes associated with the cool down. White also symbolizes cleanliness. The doctors’ coats are white, and a completely white outfit looks always expensive and stylish.

Although it is seen as the opposite of everything that is black, in some cultures it represents mourning and death because of its association with divinity and purity.

White can be worn with any other color and in any season. As for fabrics, let’s just not forget that it is a color that gives the impression of a higher volume.

For cold skin, pure white is suitable, while for warm skin, a yellowish white is better suited.

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Unlike Black, White is a color that shows accessibility, proximity, and innocence. It’s perfect to wear it at a romantic dinner, but not at a business meeting.

For example, a white summer dress made of light material will make you look like a princess, a classic white shirt will give you prestige and a white leather coat will give you a tougher, yet feminine look.

If we want to wear white, but to add a little attitude and hardness to our image, we can do this by using tougher fabrics such as denim or even leather. We can choose men’s clothes and accessories: coat, boots, men’s classic shirt, men’s hat, etc. We can also focus on clothes in masculine style: Sports, minimalist, etc.

Black and white

Black or white 3

The combination of black and white is already something classic. It has been used for a long time by fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe.

White and Black together represent the balance. So it really is a combination that cannot go out of style. However, in order not to get bored with the same well-known image we can add our personal touch:

*a colorful accessory: a red bag, some blue shoes, etc.

*one element in a completely different style to mix clothing styles

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*proportions: according to the type of outfit and what we want to express, we choose whether we’re wearing more black or more white

Classic office style is perhaps the best example of the white-to-black balance. Black represents firmness and perseverance, while white is dominating hardness and shows you are sociable and open to new ideas and collaborations.

It is told that those who come into this life with negative karma prefer black, and those who have positive karma usually choose white. This may be a good explanation for the good luck or bad luck that brings us a certain color of clothes.

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However, another thing is certain. Black attracts energy from the outside, and white protects us from external energy.  This can be both good and bad, it depends on the environment in which we find ourselves.

So, keep in mind these little details every morning when you choose your outfit and you will be able to manage your mood and also achieve your daily goals more easily.

By Paula Radu

Photo credit: Google

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