Blooming Spring Trends With The Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket

Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket cover
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Some jackets in the fashion world have been making their spot on the fashion ramp for decades. Well, not only on the ramps but also in the patrons’ hearts. I’m a fashion blogger and pretty driven by anime inspiration. It’s unbelievable to see how comic and anime lovers have given birth to multiple domains of entertainment and businesses.

Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket purpple

Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket

The Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket is definitely worth mentioning in the slightest. I love taking different inspirations from this clothing assortment and figuring out how they have made their place in various corners. From iconic fashion to festive styling to season trends, all of these come in favor of the anime-inspired jacket. Having said that, I’m recalling a famous quote from the renowned writer Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “A flower blossoms for its own joy.” I agree with. However, I also believe that a flower also blossoms for others’ joys. Giving it a real-life perspective, it’s undoubtedly true, and many of us believe that we don’t only live for ourselves but for others, too. All the big names in different domains have proven this fact. Let’s take the example of Akira Toriyama, who recently passed away. This name should never be forgotten, as he gave us our childhood by being a creator of one of the most iconic and timeless manga and anime, Dragon Ball Z. Besides, the clothing he has illustrated of his high-octane characters is too symbolic.

The Future Trunks Jacket is the only thing you need. I believe if you’re looking forward to fashion, which is full of meaning, you should have this one. Not all illustrators are able to draw off the meaning of the outfits they design for their characters, but Akira Toriyama and Hajime Isayama are the names for various reasons. This colorful and flowy jacket has a lot of meanings, too. However, I would like to draw your attention to its functionality. This time, use it to express your happiness with this one. Yes, by saying that, the Spring season is already here, so make sure to enjoy its true colors and be a flower that blooms for its own joy as well as for others. And yeah, this can happen with this jacket on.

Blend with Floral Print

Floral pieces can start or finish any outfit. Yes, it’s quite true, and I’ve been waiting for a long time to choose this one for my styling suggestions. Finally, the time is here, and so am I. Floral prints are always a piece of cake, so why not eat them?

  • A short midi dress with floral patterns is always a good start for mid-spring. In the beginning, you may wish to have full coverage of your body.
  • On the other hand, if you wish to end your outfit with it, as I said, go with floral pants. Tiny floral pants look prettier than the bigger ones.
  • Another eye-catching pair is the floral mini skirt. I mean, this one even sounds quite namby-pampy and emasculated.

All of these pairs with the Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket will create some spring aesthetics that you definitely want this year. Moreover, to finalize and compliment your looks with the florals in any way, the slingback heels will be the perfect ones to do so.


Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket aviator with T-shirt

Layer up Over a Striping T-Shirt

The printed striping pattern is mandatory for your spring wardrobe. If you haven’t kept one in your closet, you aren’t ready for the Spring fashion yet. This one is the most casual one and is always prepared to be the Spring best friend. There can be a few ways to bring the striping layer into use.

A T-shirt with black stripes will sneak out ideally from the jacket’s front opening. I wide-neck t-shirt paired with a pair of blue denim will be the most casual and handy outfit ever.

On the other hand, if you don’t wish to layer with the thick bottoms, then go on with the midi dress with a striping pattern all over it. This pair of layers with the Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket will make you thank me later.

However, when it comes to winding up the outfit, keep your white sneakers ready. There’s probably not a single person left on earth without a pair of white low-top sneakers. In fact, I wear these most days. This pair of shoes will make it even more practical, young and stylish no matter what your age is.

Combination with Achromatic is Always Timeless

I am moving towards the most desired combination of colors with this blue jacket. White is the color that always gets my attention, no matter the thousands of beautiful colors in front of me. The white clouds always catch my eye, even in a garden full of thousands of colors. No hue at all is also a hue that many of you, like me, love. Here are a few suggestions that you definitely were waiting for to combine with the blue jacket. A white layer can be dressed up or down with anything and let all the colors sync. It always represents purity, innocence and spirituality that no other color does.

  • A shirt dress is one of the summer dresses, yet you can always wear this one in the late spring.
  • Another white-layer option is the satin blouse, a great workwear staple. You can wear this for formal meetings in any season, but Spring seems to be the perfect time for it.
  • The long maxi dress never really goes out of style. You may wish to make it your summer beach layer, but let it help you in the Springtide too. You won’t regret having this one, for sure.

Using all these above layers with the Dragon Ball Trunks Jacket will come in handy. For the footwear suggestions, I would say go with the ballet flats with all these white layers. All of these pairs with this jacket will make some statement combos in the spring seasons and let you bloom all the way.

Thank me Later

Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment below and let me know if it convinced you. However, I’m always looking forward to having more ideas and opinions that you may like to throw at me.

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