Brakanah 44 Fashion Inspirations, Biography and Girlfriend Outfits

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Brakanah 44, is a Hip-Hop Rapper and Recording Artist who got attention through releases he posted on his SoundCloud account from the start of 2022, earning him attention and a worldwide audience as thousands of his streams were from the United States and Moscow. Having started off as normal Hip-hop releases earned him a small cult of toxic fans who grow on a daily approach although Brakanah hardly releases songs every time. The start of 2022 was a year of change in his career as he ventured into a new genre (Pop-Rock) and judging by how the numbers are it’s right to say that he is here to stay.1

1. Denim Jacket 

Most of Brakanah’s 44 pics are of a dark theme that he basically says brings out the villain in him. you can have a nice up-close off his taste in your wardrobe


Brakanah 44 jacket

2. Gucci on purple Anthem

Another favorite theme is anything that rocks purple.

Brakanah 44 gucci

3. New Balance full set

Another brand that Brakanah likes to rock according to his Social media is new balance and he brings out the wow in them

New Balance full set

4. Oversized sweaters

This is probably one of Brakanah’s 44 best fashion outfits when he is outdoors and walking with family and friends. Some speculations are he wears this because he was around with a gun and he avoids it being all visible.

5. Jeans Short

Another noticeable fashion likes by him are his love of shorts not on a regular basis but mostly you will find him posing out on social media with them

6. Kicks

I once asked him what his favorite shoe brand on an email interview and his reply left me laughing as he was on anything that makes me feel free and more of no work, I like to feel like a caveman with opens on or no shoes, I only do shoes for shoots and maybe important stuff other than that I don’t feel them

Brakanah 44 Girlfriend 

According to a statement in his  Resident Advisor biography, it is stated that he is single and still focusing on his career

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