Breaking Tradition: Why Wearing Black to Weddings Is Becoming Acceptable

sexy black weedding dress
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Can you wear black to a wedding is one of the commonly asked questions. Traditionally, wearing black to a wedding could attract the wrath of many as it was frowned upon, considering black was a colour for bad luck and strongly associated with mourning. However, times are fast changing and people are embracing the new down as well as relaxing the colour rules in a wedding. Nowadays, wearing black to a wedding is fast becoming acceptable as well as being very fashionable.  In this blog post, I will be discussing if or not you can wear black to a wedding and the reasons why you should:

1. Black is a classic and elegant colour:

For sure, black is a colour that never goes out of style. It is a versatile colour that can be worn in a variety of styles and fabrics as well as being very easy to accessorize. When worn at weddings, the colour black has the ability to bring out the formality in the occasion. I think you too should embrace it.

sexy black wedding dress Can you wear black to a wedding

2. Black is very versatile: Wearing Black to Weddings

Being versatile in this case means that it can be worn for both formal and casual events as well, making it a perfect choice for almost all weddings. However, be keen to choose the right accessories for your black colour such as a simple necklace or a tie.

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3. Black is a Timeless colour:

Timelessness means that the colour black can be worn year after year without looking out of fashion. It will always bring out the chic and fashionable nature in you. Accessorize the colour with modern and trendy accessories to keep you fresh and up-to-date.

Can you wear black to a wedding

4. Black is a slimming choice: Wearing Black to Weddings

Weddings are high-profile occasions where everyone wants to look their best. It is a colour that many people feel comfortable and confident wearing it. It creates a very polished look and a sleek one that is perfect for weddings.

sexy black weedding dress

5. Fashion celebrities are wearing black to weddings:

At times, we rely on celebs to set the fashion trends for us and now they have been spotted wearing black to the weddings. Celebrity Naina Singla seems too fancy to wear black to weddings.  Kim Kardashian was recently spotted wearing a black gown to a wedding, setting up a new dawn in the fashion world. Embrace it too:


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