Bridal Shower Gifts That Will Make Her Smile

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If you are having trouble coming up with bridal shower gift ideas, you’re not alone! It can be challenging to find the perfect present when you have no idea what someone may already have or what they actually want. We rounded up some bridal shower gift ideas that are as unique as your bride-to-be friend and as practical as they are pretty!

Things You Don’t Have to Get Her

Keep a few fun ideas on hand so that you can surprise her with a bridal shower gift she’ll love. Instead of getting an expensive necklace or bracelet, consider giving her something she’s always wanted to try: like surfing lessons, or tickets to a play. If you want to give her an indulgent gift, however, there are plenty of great options when it comes to the lingerie or special-occasion dresses. Just keep in mind that you should always stick with classic and simple designs—and remember that lingerie is always a better choice if your bride-to-be hasn’t found her perfect dress yet!

Things that Make Her Feel Glamorous

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Whether she’s a bride-to-be or a mother of one, a woman can always use some ways to feel her best. Feelings of being pretty and glamorous go beyond simple beauty products and clothing; they’re also fueled by thoughtful gifts that make women feel special. Here are a few ideas for gifts she’ll love no matter how big or small your budget is

Practical Gifts Every Bride Should Have

Whether she’s your sister, best friend, or mother of your children, a bride-to-be will have lots of things to do and think about before her big day. Helping with some practical details – from helping her find and buy a wedding dress to planning her honeymoon – is one way to help make sure she spends less time worrying about how she’s going to pull everything off in time. For example, brides need several copies of their vows on hand at all times; but if you’re working on them with her be sure not to give her all your copies! And here are more great gift ideas for that special someone who is soon going to be Mrs. So-and-So.

Personalized Ideas for Your Bride-To-Be

Give her something special, whether she’s your future sister-in-law or a close friend who deserves a little something extra. Bridal shower gifts don’t need to be extravagant, but they do need to be personalized. From small tokens of your appreciation like personalized stationery and printed photos to extravagant, I love you enough to give you diamonds! pieces like custom jewelry or electronics, there are lots of ways to say Congrats on getting married.

DIY Projects You Can Make Yourself


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When it comes to bridal shower gifts, why not make your own? It may sound intimidating, but in reality, there are plenty of easy do-it-yourself projects that your bride will love. All you need is a little time and creativity. And even better: Bridal shower presents don’t have to break the bank! Here are three great DIY bridal shower gift ideas to help get you started.

The first project is a gift basket. This is one of your easiest DIY bridal showers presents to make. You can either do it online or go for something more personal and create it yourself. Simply buy a basket you know she’ll love, add in things like chocolate and other small tokens of appreciation, then give it a personal touch by adding some lace from her wedding dress or photos from her engagement shoot. Choose items that will remind her of her upcoming wedding day—these will always make excellent bridal shower gifts! The last idea we have for you is an at-home spa treatment kit! Your bride will be able to treat herself to everything she needs for a relaxing spa session with friends after a long day planning a wedding—without ever leaving home!

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By Dua Khan

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