Camping Fashion Tips

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How wonderful would it be to set a tent in the mountain or the lake? I think it would be cool to stay late at night looking at the beautiful stars in the sky with your ‘camping fashion outfit’.

Way back in my junior year I always joined camping for Girls Scout and back then we only wore girls’ scout uniforms. And now, my friends and I are planning on going camping in the mountain and I’m excited about it. I can’t wait to go on camping again and these are the outfits and tips for campers styling that I would probably try.

TIP 1 💡

Before going on camping (always) check the weather forecast for the safety of everyone and to know what to bring on camping.

Cold Weather Outfit On Camping Fashion Style

Camping Fashion 1
Camping Fashion 2
Camping Fashion 3

For cold weather, you can wear a thick sweater and a jacket. A bonnet or a cap will help to solve the cold air as well as a good pair of boots. Since it is cold, you can wear denim jeans or thick leggings but I have a secret to tell, you can wear legging underneath and then denim jeans to make sure that you are warmed up.

TIP 2 💡

Don’t forget to bring a thick blanket with you. To sum up everything for the cold weather bring a kettle for your coffee too. It will help the cold for sure 😉.

Bikinis On Camping Style

Camping Fashion 4
Camping Fashion 5

Just in case you and your friends are planning to have some fun time in the lake or the beach make sure to bring a bikini with you.

TIP 3 💡

Bring a towel and sunscreen to protect your skin from the heat of the sun.

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Shorts On Camping Style

Camping Fashion 6
Camping Fashion 7
Camping Fashion 8

Shorts On Camping style is such a vibe for campers who want to look comfy and fun. In this style, you can just wear a t-shirt, tank top, sweater, or whatever your heart desire to wear on camping.

Dress On Camping Style


Camping Fashion 9
Camping Fashion 11

A dress outfit on camping is not necessary actually (depends on your mood) but the reason I include a dress style on camping is because I know most of the girl loves to take a picture. So a dress is a backup outfit for you to try on.

Safari Kind Of Look On Camping Fashion


And last but not least is this safari kind of look style on camping! I think this outfit is so cool for camping in the mountain. It gives a safari vibe

TIP 4 💡

Camping in the mountain or anywhere away from your home is very fun indeed. But always remember to bring the following for emergencies;

  • Emergency Kit
  • Food & Water
  • Extra Clothes
  • Flashlight
  • Emergency Weapon (pepper spray & Electric shotgun) just in case some bad people will harm you (fingers crossed it’s better to be safe than sorry)
  • Radio (just in case there is no signal in the mountain)
  • Other useful things for camping

Aside from that, in the mountain, there are a lot of animals. If you’ve seen one stay away from them (avoid them) but do not hurt or harm them. In my country, there’s a law for the protection of animals. On top of that, enjoy camping with your friends and family! Have fun not just with your Camping OOTD and feeling like an expert Camper but enjoy the moment of a new experience. That is the most important.

Photo credit to the respective owners in Pinterest.

By Belle Willow

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