Cannes 2024: Best-Dressed Bollywood Celebrities Who Stole The Show

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities
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The Cannes Film Festival is famous for its star power and stunning fashion. This year was no different! Bollywood celebrities and rising stars brought unforgettable looks to the red carpet. Indian celebrities have dazzled the show with a variety of styles. Expect bold monochrome statements and unexpected DIY creations. There were also elegant takes on traditional dresses. This article showcases the best-dressed Bollywood celebrities at Cannes 2024. From Aditi Rao Hydari’s chic monochrome gown to Nancy Tyagi’s DIY ruffle dress, see who stole the show. Get ready to be amazed by these stylish and memorable outfits. In this article, we will take a look at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival’s best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities and rising stars. So let’s get started! 

Best-Dressed Bollywood Celebrities at Cannes 2024: A Detailed Look

Cannes 2024 was a fashion extravaganza, and Bollywood stars brought their A-game! Here’s a closer look at their most talked-about outfits:

Aditi Rao Hydari – Parisian Chic

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Aditi Rao Hydari – Parisian Chic

Aditi stunned in a sleek Gaurav Gupta gown. Her dress hugged her figure, like a second skin. It has a combination of classic black and white. The dress likely had clean lines, and no extra ruffles or sparkle, giving a simple yet sophisticated look. This minimalist style, inspired by Parisian fashion, turned heads and won her compliments.

Jacqueline Fernandez – Corset Queen

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Jacqueline Fernandez – Corset Queen

Jacqueline went bold with a white corset outfit. This unique choice was a big hit, even more, popular than some of her red carpet dresses! The chic corset accentuated her figure, highlighting her fashion sense. It was a modern twist on a classic garment.

Deepti Sidhwani – Unexpected White

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Deepti Sidhwani – Unexpected White

Deepti surprised everyone with a stunning white bodycon dress. Her style fits the body closely. This off-red carpet look even outshone her official red carpet outfit! The dress might have had a unique touch, like fur sleeves, adding a bit of glamour and sophistication. This unexpected choice left a lasting impression.

Kiara Advani – Timeless Elegance

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Kiara Advani – Timeless Elegance

Kiara captivated the audience with a flowing ivory-coloured Prabul Gurung gown. This beautiful dress has a creamy shade of ivory, perhaps with delicate embroidery or beadwork. The dress likely complemented her style perfectly. She accessorized it with sparkly earrings and rings for extra touch. This sophisticated look was a highlight of the festival.

Nancy Tyagi – DIY Showstopper

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Nancy Tyagi – DIY Showstopper

Nancy made history with a one-of-a-kind dress she made herself! It was a stunning off-the-shoulder gown with cascading ruffles. It was crafted from a whopping 1,000 meters of fabric! It’s a voluminous dress with layers of ruffles flowing around her shoulders. Despite the massive amount of material, it was a crowd favorite. This innovative design showcased her creativity and made many Indians proud.


Preity Zinta – Ethereal Return

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Preity Zinta – Ethereal Return

Preity’s comeback to Cannes was a big deal, and her dress reflected that. She wore a white dress that looked almost otherworldly, light and elegant. This dress is made of soft, flowing fabrics with minimal embellishments. This created a graceful and timeless look, reminding everyone of her enduring charm. Her beautiful outfit perfectly complemented her celebrated return to Cannes.

Sobhita Dhulipala – Bold Splash of Color

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Sobhita Dhulipala – Bold Splash of Color

Sobhita stood out in a sea of black and white dresses with a vibrant purple jumpsuit! It is a striking one-piece outfit in a bold shade of purple that grabbed everyone’s attention. The jumpsuit likely had a modern and trendy design, adding a touch of drama and sparkle to the red carpet. Her bold choice was a welcome change of pace and lit up the event.

Sunanda Sharma – Royal Salwar Kameez

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Sunanda Sharma – Royal Salwar Kameez

Singer Sunanda Sharma looked like royalty in a beautiful ivory-colored salwar kameez. It was a traditionally crafted Indian outfit with intricate embroidery with fabrics like silk. The elegance and simplicity of the salwar kameez made her look like a queen. This stunning take on traditional Indian attire was a historic moment for Cannes.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Dramatic Monochrome

best-dressed Bollywood Celebrities Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Dramatic Monochrome

Aishwarya never disappoints at Cannes! This year, she impressed everyone with a dramatic black or white gown with gold accents. Her dress was designed by Falguni & Shane Peacock. Her dress looks striking. It has a flowing silhouette and intricate details featuring gold embroidery or jewellery. The dress likely told a story of sophistication and grandeur. Her appearance was a true highlight of the Cannes Film Festival.


Cannes 2024 was a star-studded event, and Bollywood celebrities brought their fashion A-game! We saw everything from bold black and white looks to creative DIY dresses and elegant takes on traditional Indian clothing. This year’s red carpet was full of surprises and unforgettable outfits. Whether you prefer chic minimalism or glamorous drama, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, take a final look at the dazzling array of styles from the best-dressed Bollywood celebrities at Cannes 2024!

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