Cannes Celebrity-Worn Styles That Stunned in 2024

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The Cannes Film Festival is a yearly spectacle where cinema meets sensational fashion. This year, the red carpet was ablaze with a captivating array of gowns, each whispering secrets of the wearer’s style and personality. Here, we delve into Cannes Celebrity-Worn Styles that stunned in 2024 most talked-about trends championed by celebrities, the dresses that stole hearts and dominated the fashion conversation:

1. The Vintage Revival: A Timeless Return

Nostalgia reigned supreme on the Cannes red carpet in 2024. Several celebrities embraced the magic of vintage fashion, drawing gasps and applause with their iconic selections. The undisputed queen of this trend was Naomi Campbell. She turned heads in a breathtaking, vintage Chanel Couture gown – a design by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld that she herself modeled on the runway in 1996.

The dress, a masterpiece of shimmering sequins with a paneled skirt and delicate pearl straps, solidified Campbell’s status as a fashion icon across generations. The Cannes Film Festival for 2024 wrapped up in May, and it certainly did not disappoint in terms of fashion. Here are some of the highlights:

There were several vintage looks on the Cannes red carpet this year, but Naomi Campbell stole the show with a sequinned Chanel Couture dress with a paneled skirt and delicate pearl straps – a Karl Lagerfeld design she herself modeled on the catwalk when it first debuted in 1996.

Cannes Celebrity-Worn Styles Vintage revival


2. Bold Hues: A Daring Display of Color

While black and white are perennial favorites at Cannes, 2024 saw a vibrant shift towards bolder colors. Actresses dared to embrace eye-catching hues, transforming the red carpet into an artist’s palette. Elle Fanning exuded sunshine in a voluminous, canary yellow Valentino gown, a cascade of ruffles that danced with every step. Zendaya, never one to shy away from a statement, took a dramatic turn in a showstopping emerald green Versace dress. The voluminous silhouette and rich color left a lasting impression.

While black and white are always popular choices for Cannes, there were also a number of celebrities who opted for bolder colors this year.Elle Fanning looked stunning in a canary yellow ruffled Valentino gown, while Zendaya turned heads in a voluminous emerald green Versace dress.

Cannes Celebrity-Worn Styles Elle Fanning


3. The Statement Sleeve: A Touch of Theatricality

One of the most captivating trends on the 2024 Cannes red carpet was the rise of the statement sleeve. These dramatic additions added a touch of theatricality and undeniable glamour to the gowns.


Hunter Schafer’s Armani Privé gown was a prime example – its massive feathered sleeves, cascading down her arms, were a vision of pure extravagance. From long and flowing to puffed and dramatic, to off-the-shoulder and voluminous, these statement sleeves were architectural feats that redefined red carpet elegance.

These are just a few of the trends that dominated the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. The red carpet continues to be a platform for celebrities to showcase their personal style, their daring choices, and their love for fashion. As always, Cannes serves not only as a celebration of cinema but also as a stage for fashion’s most captivating moments.

One of the biggest trends on the Cannes red carpet this year was statement sleeves. Whether they were long and flowing, puffed and dramatic, or off-the-shoulder and voluminous, sleeves added a touch of drama and glamour to many of the dresses.

Hunter Schafer’s Armani Privé gown with its massive feathered sleeves was a particularly show-stopping example.

Cannes Celebrity-Worn Styles Hunter Schaffer

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