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It’s simple to dress well in a suit. You can’t really fail if you have the money and a seasoned tailor who understands what they’re doing. Simply give them your money, pay attention to their fashion advice, and let them sew something for you that will enhance your body’s natural contours. You only need to tie your tie. But wearing a casual dress makes things more difficult. With casual dress, you must mix and match various pieces on your own because there is no tailor to hide behind. A suit is a uniform that compliments itself.


There are currently no restrictions for casual wear, which is the first rule. You may basically wear anything and be deemed “casual,” but therein is the difficulty. There is no guideline or established set of guidelines. Some men’s solution is to go with the flow. Next time you visit a pub on a Saturday night, keep an eye out for the groups of identical drinkers who are all dressed in jeans and an untucked shirt. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but it takes some work to stand out in casual clothing.

Then there are the ever-changing expectations for casual attire. Fashion designers have noticed that casual apparel is where people are spending the most money since the suit’s decline in popularity. This helps to explain why luxury fashion firms with a combined history of more than 400 years, such as Gucci, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and others, have essentially transformed into “hype” brands in response to the highly lucrative streetwear market that today dominates the sector.


Of course, you might just disregard the aforementioned advice and dress any way you choose. Casual style has no restrictions, so feel free to experiment and find what suits you best. If everyone dressed the same, it would be dull. In light of that, here are some timeless casual outfits to get you going.


Menswear has been informal since the Second World War, according to Nick Ashley, creative director of Private White V.C., since men couldn’t wait to take off their uniforms. However, one item of clothing they did wish to wear was a pair of jeans. Denim pants have been the foundation of casual wardrobes since the 1950s and can be the starting point of many off-duty outfits today.

Even while their popularity hasn’t decreased, artisanal denim has become more and more popular recently. Many businesses employ premium raw denim that is woven on antique looms, just like they would have done 50 years ago.


According to John Harrison, creative director of Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes, there has been a “shift to styling the suit with T-shirts or crew necks, especially with summer tailoring.” The modest T-shirt can now be worn with everything, including tailored clothing. Therefore, it is essentially established that the T-shirt is capable of anything.

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Naturally, the common clothing has a wide range of variations. Look for a flattering shape and high-quality cotton; Uniqlo’s Supima cotton is a nice, economical place to start. Consider a thin Breton strip, a summertime classic, or a knitted variant; Mango makes a version in solid linen.


Over the past few years, the market for high-end trainers has been one of menswear’s fastest-growing segments, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Due to the demand, even the established shoemakers in Northampton had to join in. Sneakers have exploded in recent years and are now as significant on the street as they are on the track’, says Tim Little, owner of Grenson. I wondered how people would respond when we first presented them a few seasons ago, but nobody seemed surprised.


Lightweight outerwear, like the bomber jacket or the denim trucker, can offer a lot of uniqueness to a look. The latter choice is a solid place to start and has been liked by many fashion luminaries throughout the years, “from Rihanna wearing them today to George Harrison in the ’60s,” according to Cheung.


A loopback sweater or thin Merino knit is both casual, easy-to-wear options for cooler days and make for terrific transitional layers. You won’t go wrong if you wear them as an outer layer or underneath a thin jacket. Previously only appropriate for athletic events, the loopback option has now firmly established itself in the casual menswear canon. Choose basic grey or off-white and use generously.


The rucksack has quickly replaced other types of luggage as the standard. Any brand worth it’s salt is now releasing its own take on the omnipresent style, having somehow lost its position as something worn by college students or people taking a gap year. This is at least in part because of its usefulness and functionality, which is very much in line with the more relaxed style of wearing that many guys are adopting.


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