Casual Outerwear

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Casual Outerwear fits in our day-to-day lives, whether it’s going to the office, running errands or grabbing a happy-hour drink with friends. The key is choosing garments that are comfortable, functional and versatile enough for any of these occasions.

A casual look might seem like it was carelessly thrown together, but the end result is both effortless and chic.

How to create a casual look:

Fill your wardrobe with practical and timeless basics like T-shirts, jeans, cardigans, slightly oversized shirts and parkas.

Choose neutral colours like white, grey, blue, black, maroon, khaki or brown, and avoid prints in order to easily mix and match outfits.

Soft and elastic fabrics like denim and knit will give you the freedom to move and breathe, especially for a casual summer look.

Comfortable footwear is essential to finish off the look and achieve that effortless touch. Trainers, slippers, military boots, loafers or mules are a sure-fire hit.


Today we’re revealing the keys to styling a flawless casual look.


1. Invest in high-quality basics that you can wear year after year.

2. Avoid clothes that wrinkle easily or don’t handle the wash well.

3. If you wear make-up, choose a more subtle or natural look. A little eyeliner or a touch of dusty pink on your lips is all you need to feel your best.


1. Comfort walks a fine line between style and disaster. Beware of excess.

2. Update your wardrobe! Basics also go out of style.

3. Draw the attention to your legs.

4. Stay away from bright colours and you’ll have no problem mixing and matching.

5. Don’t wear tight trousers and narrow hemlines.


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