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Gemstones have been worn as motifs of adornments since ancient times. People from different civilizations also used gemstones in divination practices and holy rituals because this birthstone jewelry was believed to possess mystical celestial energies. For centuries, people have also been wearing gemstones as birthstones or amulets to attract spirituality, positivity, and good fortune in their lives and as protection against negativity, illnesses, and evil forces.

Even today, people in certain cultures and religious beliefs wear birthstones as good luck charms. Let us categorize the birthstones by month to find out their relevance for individuals born in a particular month. Take a catwalk to the fashion gateway with birthstone jewelry.

January: Garnet is the official birthstone of the first month of the year, January. Available in all the hues inspired by the rainbow, the vivacious red color is the most desirable. A piece of jewelry embellished with garnets can be adorned as a token of commitment, trust, and unconditional love, making it a wonderful stone to blossom romance.

February: Amethyst is the official February birthstone and a desirable Aquarius birthstone. Its sparkling shine and vivid violet shades mimic the artistry of a night sky adorned with thousands of twinkling stars. Amethyst is associated with deep spirituality and divine essence. When it comes to nurturing relationships, this enticing stone showers the wearer with love, humility, blissfulness, and sincerity.

March: Aquamarine and bloodstone are official March birthstones. For a blissful, hopeful, and ever-lasting youth, wearing aquamarine is a good option; its exotic blue-green shades are eye candy. Bloodstone, on the other hand, boosts the wearer with inner strength to promote good health and vitality in the long run.

April: The tantalizing brilliance of diamonds not only bewitches beholders but it also symbolizes the unbreakable strength, longevity, and cheerfulness in the lives of the people who wear diamonds. If your birthday falls in April, you are born to grace yourself with this enchanting gemstone available in various hues.

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May: May-borns can celebrate the charm of life with an emerald gemstone. This lush green stone resonates with Mother Nature and is symbolic of rebirth and prosperity. Wearing an emerald in any piece of jewelry will bless a May-born with far-sightedness, eternal youth, and good fortune.


June: The individuals born in June can elevate their style statement with not one but three birthstones – pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. While pearls represent innocence, wisdom, purity, and simplicity, moonstone is cherished as a token of good luck in romantic relationships, nurturing them with passion and fertility. The camouflaging alexandrite is an embodiment of change and good fortune.

July: Do you celebrate your birthday in July? Get ready to be drenched in the romantic and passionate hues of ruby birthstone jewelry. This magnificent gemstone draws inspiration from life-sustaining fluid gushing in our veins and enriching us with life. Rubies, on a similar note, are carriers of power and vigor. When serving love relationships, rubies exude passion and commitment, creating bonds for a lifetime.

August: Peridot, spinel and sardonyx are the official birthstones for August. Peridot is an amazing choice to bring serenity and comfort to your body and mind. It balances the wearer’s life and is an excellent booster of creativity. Spinel is another mesmerizing gemstone, secreting passion and devotion while replenishing vitality and promoting longevity. For harmonizing business and personal relationships, sardonyx acts as an effective communicator and a token of happiness.

September: Sapphire is the Virgo birthstone and a lucky charm for those born in September. For centuries, the majestic blue color of this exquisite gemstone has fascinated royals and nobles, making this stone a symbol of loyalty and royalty. Sapphire is cherished as a souvenir of faithfulness, sincerity, and trustworthiness in romantic relations.

October: Opal and tourmaline are the birthstones for October. Opal, which is also a Scorpio birthstone, serves as a symbol of hope and confidence in life. With purity and loyalty at its core, opal serves as a blessing in disguise in matters of love. On the other hand, tourmaline is a strong spiritual agent that promotes calmness, imparts wisdom, and spreads the emotions of joy and compassion.

November: Topaz and citrine are the official November birthstones and also the Scorpio birthstones. Topaz bestows the wearer with wisdom and strength to face struggles in life. It is also an emblem of affection and fidelity. Citrine’s golden hues attract positive energy, happiness, and prosperity.

December: Turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite are December birthstones. Stress, anxiety, and negative energies transform into positive vibes with a tanzanite gemstone. Zircon also possesses a shielding aura that dispels negativity and opens the door to wealth, success, and wisdom. Turquoise brings forth a breeze of freshness and serenity in the wearer’s life by acting as a creative and emotional charger.

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