Celebrity Fashion: Selena Gomez Five Attractive Street Fashion Outfits

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Aloha and Dia dhuit Fashionistas… One of the places I would love to visit is Hawaii and Ireland just for the beach and sun and culture and not to mention the food! Yeah, it’s kinda in my list of places to travel and why; so if any of you are from one of these countries please send me a recipe of your favorite food😁☺😉😉. Anyways, back to Fashion.

It’s probably a time of refreshing when an artist isn’t working or making albums, so they see it as a time, to lay back, visit the spa or even go to the supermarket. It is also probably one of the times, they don’t want to dress up or have to put make-up on. This is why we see one of these artists, living and loving her street fashion outfits.

Selena Gomez is a beautiful woman and one of my inspirations for just daily outing street outfits. The singer, model, and young entrepreneur-born American also has Italian and Mexican roots and takes her fashion life with such ease that you see it in her outfit. So, we are going to be looking at five (5) of this superstar’s street fashion outfits. Her styles ranging from jeans to shorts to gowns to long or short skirts will certainly inspire you to look your best even in simplicity.

1. Joggers

selena gomes street fashion 1
selena gomes street fashion 2
selena gomes street fashion 3

The singer shows us that Joggers are still in style, as she pairs them with a black sleeveless top and ash-colored overall in the first image. She gives us beautiful winter vibes as she says no to the cold and yes to comfort. I especially love this outfit especially since Nigeria is in the rainy season right now, and it feels like you’re gonna freeze in the mornings. Joggers can be paired with any top but we must be careful so we don’t overdo it.

2. Hoodies

selena gomes street fashion: hoodies
selena gomes street fashion: hoodies 2
selena gomes street fashion: hoodies 3

Hoodies are my all-time favorite kind of outfit probably because being petite makes it look so cute on me (lol). Anyways, whatever mood you see yourself in, hoodies are like a comfortable outfit, wrapping you up in a warm and cozy feeling to bring out the best in your style. The singer shows us that we can pair our hoodies with either simple black jeans or sweatpants or even shorts making us feel comfortable in simplicity. However, I do not recommend hoodies in very hot seasons, although I have no idea how the men do it. I mean, take a look at Scott Disick… this man can wear hoodies any time of any season. It just blows my mind.


3. Gowns


selena gomes street fashion: gowns 1
selena gomes street fashion: gowns 2

Okay, whoever said simple street gowns are not in Vogue is not true and whoever said gowns are just for parties or events has not turned on the internet. Selena makes quite a fashion statement whenever she rocks her simple gowns making her look even younger and simpler. It doesn’t have to be a flashy red gown or a shiny yellow before it can be worn on the streets and by streets, I mean, maybe to the supermarket, or the mall, or even to dinner. The Model pairs her gowns with either sneaker, canvas, sandals, or heck even slippers. However, I do caution restraint when it comes to how short the gowns are, so please let’s all try to show that even decency can be beautiful.

4. Tops and Jeans

selena gomes street fashion: tops and jeans 1
selena gomes street fashion: tops and jeans 2
selena gomes street fashion: tops and jeans 3
selena gomes street fashion: tops and jeans 4
selena gomes street fashion: tops and jeans 5
selena gomes street fashion: tops and jeans 7

Yes, guys, it cannot be street fashion if we don’t implement the top and Jeans fashion statement. Jeans are very common outfits and anyone can wear them but we must also consider the kind of tops or shirts to match. So when styling your jeans, make sure to go for tops that fit them. For example, Petite women wear more high-waist jeans, so we can either pair them with a loose crop top or sleeveless fitted tops, or even shirts depending on the outing.

5. Cardigans

It’s kind of a common thing to see the superstar Selena Gomez, wearing a long or short cardigan over her outfit. It may be due to the cold weather or not, but this star sure knows how to pair cardigans with her choice of clothes. Be it with a top and jeans, or gowns, the singer wears her cardigan as a simple street fashion, making us know a few of her likes and dislikes.

Now, I know for a fact that we wear at least three of these styles, in our everyday week or weekend living, well, I know I do. So, say it with me people: SIMPLICITY IS IN VOGUE, and DECENCY IS STILL CHIC.

I’ll have to probably do the men’s style next, so guys ( I mean men), who is your fashion model? Comment your answer.

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Later Fashionistas…

Photo source: Google.com

By Oluwatoyosi



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