Chic Lingerie Ideas

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As a woman, wearing nice and comfortable lingerie is important as how important our daily clothes to make us look presentable and ready to go always. Here are the top 5 chic lingerie ideas that you might like.

Chic Lingerie Ideas

Number 1: White Bra On 3 Style

For the number style, I will give you 3 ideas.

White Bra On Jeans & Coat


Who says Bra is for underneath alone? You can style this as a top paired with your coat or blazer and high-waisted jeans or short shorts. A high-edge shoe is good for this look as well as the hell. It’s chic and very girly especially if you wear some piece of jewelry to match the whole outfit.

White Bra On Night Short


It’s not unusual that some girls only wear a bra or a Sando top when they go to sleep. This lingerie idea can be loungewear too if you pair it with night soft silk shorts and a robe.

White Set Lingerie


White set lingerie is very minimalist and chic that every girl could wear. There is a lot of white lingerie that is comfy to wear and it is never out of style!

Number 2: Cut Out Bodysuit Lingerie


Cutouts bodysuit lingerie is so chic! You can pair it with jeans or any bottom you have. This bodysuit lingerie is on trend nowadays and a lot of ladies are wearing them, especially at a party.

Number 3: French Lingerie Style


A french lingerie style is a lace bra style and it is very comfortable to wear. It has different styles such as bikini lace style and a high-waisted style.

Number 4: Ruffles Trim Set Lingerie


Loungewear on the loungewear? These ruffles trim is such a vibe. I could wear this outside and pair it with an oversized blazer coat paired with a boot and some jewelry. Would you agree?

Lingeries are a woman’s buddy. Although not all of us want to wear them, especially the bras but Nah! 😂 they always save the day.


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