Childhood Fashion

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Today as I was looking at our big cabinet I saw something, an album. So I never hesitate to check on it. I was amazed and happy at the same because the album contains a picture of me when I was still a child in my childhood fashion. I laughed out loud because of my clothes that look cute and ugly sometimes. Growing up being the eldest daughter of my parents is a great honor because my parents are great providers.

As a child, I never think of looking at myself as more presentable in wearing expensive clothes even if I was still the only child before because my mom mostly buys me cheaper clothes in a thrift store nearby. It is because we can buy clothes from a known brand at a cheaper price but of good quality.

Back in the day, we did not have the liberty to dress by ourselves and choose the outfits we would want to buy. All our sartorial choices were a reflection of our parents’ taste (good or bad). My mom took a picture of me forcing me to wear sexy clothes because I don’t want to wear revealing clothes before.  So fashion before then was a kinda battle to me and my mom.

I am still thankful my mom got a good taste in fashion. Maybe without her, I would look hideous when I was a child. But I learn to love fashion because of her. So I’ll share with you some fashion way back then. By the way, these are not my personal pictures because I don’t like my face.


These are the iconic styles of fashion before:


  1. Puff-Sleeves. 

I had so many puff-sleeves before that are rarely used because some of them are a bit itchy. Maybe because of the type of cloth they use. I often use puff sleeves when we attend birthday parties.


2. Peter Pan Collar


I really love my moms’ fashion taste especially this Peter Pan Collar-inspired dress. It feels so comfy to wear. As a kid, you can run everywhere especially when you wear comfy clothes.


3. Hair Accessories

I am the type of kid that loves to have hair accessories to my hair. I love it when it’s big. Because my mom knew I love hair accessories, so she bought hundreds of them. And later on, I lost them during playtime.


4. Pleated Mini Skirt


5. Frills and Lace

Who will ever forget these iconic socks? I really love to wear socks even up today. But this kind of socks I miss because it holds the great value of memories to me.


Now, I could only think of my good old days because it holds a very special place in our hearts

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