Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Fragrance

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Cristiano Ronaldo is the best Portuguese professional footballer he also launches many brands and CR7 is one of his best creations. He created this scent to offer his followers an olfactive experience of his world, Cristiano Ronaldo’s scent illustrates his passion, winning mindset, and relief. His followers are part of his wide curiosity of always discovering new goods, and growing by always renewing himself and opening to new midairs.

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Cristiano Ronaldo at the global launch event of his fragrance, speaks about his creation, said that “It’s his secret weapon. he starts his day with a CR7 fragrance. and it gives him the confidence to live each day to the full

he further said

‘Wherever he goes, CR7 is always in his bag so he can freshen up on the go and ensure that he always feels his best

He explained: “Smelling good makes him feel good and he wanted to create something that’s easy enough to wear every day.


Sporty, energetic, and new-fashioned, CR7 may be a scent for the robotic and on-the-go immature man who aspires to measure like their idol. A contemporary mix of bold, enterprising scents, reflective of Ronaldo’s strong, vibrant character.


Opens with notes of Lavender, Cardamom, Artemisia, and sudsy Bergamot. Dries right down to a sensuous base of Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Amber which last all the day

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Cristiano Ronaldo creates spices to supply his followers with an olfactive experience of his world. Conveying his values and life, these scents illustrate his passion, winning mindset, and relief


Adapted to any event, season, and mood, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fragrances empower his fans to wear the sensorial essence of their symbol. Defining individual statement, as a final dressing touch for a special night occasion or a day-time casual style, every fragrance inspires the fans for self-belief, greatness seductive, and dedication thank you for appearing here hope you like my blog stay connected for more blogs. To visit his Instagram page click HERE

By Shameen Abbas

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