Cutie Scrunchies

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Scrunchies are a circular band of fabric-covered elastic used to tie up your beautiful hair. Although scrunchies are most commonly used in hair, they can also be worn around the wrist as an accessory to enhance an outfit. Do you know wearing scrunchies have benefits also on hair? I’ll let  you know some facts about this blog.

Cutie plain colored scrunchies. Very aesthetic 
Cutie floral scrunchies.
So nice to look at when used to tie up on hair. Can you just imagine this cutie with your summer attire whether its at the beach or brunching with friends? 
What a colorful scrunchies, it lighten up more when worn on hair.
Look how cute it was when used as an accessory to enhance your outfit. She is “Abish Michaella” commonly known as “Babisshh” on Tiktok, she’s one the famous influencer on Tiktok these days. I love her style wearing scrunchies everytime she dance on tiktok, it suits her a lot, it defines her cuteness and her jolly personality.

There are lot hair accessories out there but do you know using scrunchies are more beneficial to wear? It reduced hair damage because it includes an extra layer of fabric between your hair and the elastic. Some people who wear tight ponytails may experience headaches. Scrunchies can often relieve some of that pressure, because of the extra fabric around the elastic. Lastly, you can coordinate them with your outfit of the day.

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