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Whenever I hear about opera, theater, and musicals one thing that always comes to my mind is the spectacular and gorgeous Julie Andrews version of Mary Poppins which we know she’s practically perfect in every way. There’s also  Maria von Trapp who aspires to become a nun. And oh! Eliza Doolittle is a flower girl who takes a lesson from a professor. Let’s not forget Queen Clarisse Renaldi as well, the ever-poised and lovely Queen of Genovia.

You may be wondering, who are these people? Well, these are some of the characters that Dame Julie Andrews plays in a movie or on Broadway. Before anyone else in the theater industry, there is Julie Andrews who I admire so much. I grew up watching and singing along with the music of Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music until these days.

If there is an artist to whom I listen to classical songs that would be Julie Andrews. She has this magic and sweetness in her voice that I love. It’s not just her voice and her beauty that I admire. It’s her fashion and style as well that up to these days it’s still a trend and it is never out of style even though it was inspired by a 1960s fashion trend.

Julie Andrews: Sound Of Music Outfits

Julie Andrews 1

Julie Andrews 2

Julie Andrews 3

Julie Andrews 4

Julie Andrews 6

Julie Andrews 7

Julie as Maria von Trapp in The Sound Of Music. If you haven’t watched it yet you better watch it. I have a fun childhood watching this musical movie. The music is wonderful as well as Julie Andrews Outfits. You may say it’s a very 1960s kind of trend but hey! She wore lovely dresses. I watched it again recently and what I noticed is that the style of the dresses that Julie wore is back in the 21st-century fashion and style, as well as what Liesl (The eldest von Trapp), wore when she had a duet with Rolf.

I have my top two favorite outfits of Julie or Maria in the sound of music. The first one is when she came back from the Abbey where she wore a green fitted dress and it has a blue belt which adds a classic style (see the 6th photo above). The second one is the yellow Terno business suit (see the 1st photo above). It has casual vibes which I like and It looks good on Julie. All the dresses that she wore perfectly fitted her and emphasized her body well and I think it’s comfortable as well because she moves gracefully in them.

Julie Andrews: Marry Poppins Outfits

Julie Andrews 9

Julie Andrews 10

Julie Andrews 11

Julie Andrews 12

Julie Andrews 14

Marry Poppins was released in 1964 but the fashion and styles are such a pro in the world of fashion to the point that whenever there is a customer party Marry Poppins’ custom is very famous. No doubt of that because in this musical movie, Julie wore practically perfect outfits just like her character Mary Poppins. I love how she pairs her hats with her outfits which makes the whole look graceful.

Also, I love it when she pairs her dress with a white apron, it’s very homey and comfortable to look at. She looks like a very very strict nanny on that as well as her hairstyle. Aside from the beautiful outfits, I noticed how her beautiful face lightened up with every outfit she wore just like how her singing voice lightened up everyone’s soul.


Julie Andrews: Victor Victoria Outfits

Julie Andrews 15

Julie Andrews 17

Julie Andrews 19

This musical show is such a vibe! It shows a different side of Julie Andrews and how she graciously carries her outfits despite her character. She has this aura that whatever her roles are she knows how to bring her clothing to a different level that is new to her viewers and fans which is important if you are an artist, especially Julie Andrews who started showbusiness at a very young age. We saw how fashionable she is even up to these days. This film is such a hit with all the music and dances as well as the glam.

Julie Andrews: HOUR Outfits




Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews 20

Julie Andrews 21

 As we can see, Julie has a lot to offer when it comes to fashion and style. She’s stylish and glamorous and she knows how to mix and match her outfits and she puts makeup on her face in a very presentable way. She was so young in the photograph above, I think it was in the 60s and 70s during her show but try to notice the style of the dresses she wore during that time. It was on-trend in today’s fashion! The dresses are perfectly fit showing her bare shoulders and cleavage. It looks good on her and she is so beautiful.

Julie Andrews Outfits

Julie Andrews 22

Julie Andrews wears a different set of clothes always whether it’s a dress, a long wide pants with a turtleneck long sleeve, or a sexy dress, Julie can pull that out! The funny thing is that even though she only has one hairstyle up to these days yet she still looks elegant and stylish.

Julie Andrews for me is a Queen of the Opera. Her voice is heaven sent and it’s beautiful to listen to just like how beautiful her face is. I love her styles in fashion. I don’t see an ‘old soul’ kind of outfit she wore on cam or off cam. Maybe because she knows how to bring her clothes and she knows how to style them.

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