Denims With a Desi Twist

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We all are obsessed with denims…right, but when we think of denim immediately what we visualize is denim jeans which are conventionally chosen as the most comfortable wear for our daily use. Our closet can’t say no to a pair of denim jeans. But but but hold on… Is denim meant for conventional jeans or jackets only? I think we should think twice. Because denims can give you your most ethnic look as well…yes you read it right.


The dimensions of denim cannot be measured when it comes to defining the parameters of fashion and being comfortable altogether. Denims can be simply donned as jeans with any t-shirt or top and you can get that chick look instantly. At the same time, if you have a love passion for jackets, denim jackets are the first choice… always. You can be a fashion Diva by flaunting a denim dress as per your fashion mood.


Now let’s come to the main twist point when we add desi glitter and sparkle to a denim attire, it immediately enhances the beauty of that attire. It works as a spice to your fashion statement and your dressing sense flavors up.

Bringing this desi twist is not very difficult. You can simply add some Gota Patti or mirrors of different shapes and sizes, also you can sew some beads on your denim. Other than these, some chunky glittery or simple crochet lace will also add that desirable look to your denim attire. You can also do some acrylic painting to enhance the look.

denims-with-a-desi-twist-in jacket

So you can attain all these looks as per your desire either by your own basic sets of skill, adding a punch of desi twist either by crocheting, sewing, stitching, embroidery or by painting. Or you can get it customized by hiring a person who is a pro in this field.


Go and flaunt your own desi denim look and get all the eyes on you❤️❤️.

Image source: Pinterest

By Varun

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