Different Types Of Girls In Fashion

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Every girl is different when it comes to fashion. We have different views and opinions about everyone’s style. We have different ways of making ourselves presentable and runway ready. Most especially, we have different ways of expressing ourselves by our fashion and style. So here are different types of girls in their fashion and style.

The Single & Confident Style

Single and confident, who’s with me? 🙌 You can style your OOTD’s whatever way you want as long as it makes you feel confident and empowered. A woman should dress up confidently not to impress but to express themselves. I think the picture above is not the usual outfit for a single woman but it shows the power of confidence.

The Chic & Playful Style

I know a lot of girls who loves to wear chic and playful outfit and most of them are funny and goofy as well. In my hometown, girls love to wear mostly skinny denim jeans and a tank top paired with flat loafer shoes. It’s quite cute for a casual gathering but not as cute as a dress that you can ramp around the city with comfy heels.

The Hopeless Romantic But Stylish

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s HR(Hopeless Romantic 😂) but oh! Let’s keep it stylish. I would like to think of Carrie Bradshaw’s outfit on this because I think it’s so cute and empowered. I love the color dresses and all the fur coats that I wish I could wear in winter. We may be hopeless romantics but our outfits say it all! We are classy and capable of moving mountains.

The Business Woman Kind Of Style

This type of woman who always wears business attire is what I called ‘serious in life, girl’. I don’t know it’s just that the way they dress up and the aura of their faces gives me an impression of how serious they are when it comes to work and in life (though not all). But I love this Business Woman Kind of like.

The Sweet Lady Kind Of Style

Am I the only one who sees a tote skirt or a ruffled skirt sweet? I’ve seen a lot of girls who are sweet and clingy and soft-hearted but nothing beats a sweet girl who wears a tote skirt and a ruffled skirt! I think they are too sweet and stylish all in one outfit.

The Always Pretty Woman Kind Of Style

Let’s admit it, there are types of girls who always look pretty even if they have a long day at work, long flights for traveling, and very tiring days from whatever they are doing but they still look good like a goddess! And they can still pull that crazy outfit to look magnificent as always and not to look haggard. I want to say it’s unfair but duh! We have differences, lol!

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The Couch Potato Style



We all have lazy days and it doesn’t mean couch potato you wear a trash outfit because that’s not true. Most types of girls who love being couch potatoes are girls who wear lounge outfits that will make them feel comfortable and that they can move easily. I’m one of those girls and to be honest, loungewear is the comfiest outfit in the world.

Being a woman is hard. But nothing beats an empowered woman and empowering another woman. Differences are what make us unique and beautiful. Let’s stay it that way because we are all beautiful in our way. As well as our fashion and style. Whatever your style is, you are Beautiful.

Photo credits to the respective owners in Pinterest. Thank you ❤

By Belle Willow

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