Different Types Of Ties You Must Know

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Let’s discuss ties. Whatever line of business you are in, every guy should always have a few nice ties on hand for interviews, formal events, or even a night out when you want to seem extra dapper. A tie can elevate even the most basic of outfits a few levels when worn properly. Here are some distinct styles of ties and suggestions for how to wear each one.

Different Types Of Ties You Must Know


The Clip-on Tie:-


The Clip-on Ties

We would be remiss if we failed to include the infamous clip-on tie in our list of approved tie styles. Both bowties and conventional neckties are offered for the clip-on tie. It’s a particular style of tie that has been pretied and attached to a clip or hook.

The Clip-on Ties 2

It is a straightforward method that doesn’t need to bother or hassle with knots. It is already built and equipped with a clip or hook for attachment to the shirt.

Ascot Tie:-

Ascot Ties

Under the dress shirt but over the undershirt is worn the Ascot necktie. It is knotted many times and covers a sizable amount of the neckline below the chin. It is looped around and frequently secured with a scarf pin. Ascot ties are often more colorfully designed than Apron neckties and are seen as a kind of luxury clothing that is inappropriate for the workplace.

Skinny Neckties:- 


Skinny Neckties

In the 1950s and 1960s, musicians like the Beatles started wearing skinny ties onstage, which is another form of the four-in-hand tie that gained popularity.

Skinny Neckties 2

These ties are still in style today and are excellent for the workplace, while also looking professional for a night out. Wearing skinny ties with jeans gives you a fashionable but edgy image.

7-Fold Ties:- 


7-Fold Ties

A very thin, unlined tie with seven folds in the outside fabric is known as a seven-fold tie. It can also exceed seven folds in exceptional circumstances. This is the reason why there is no need for lining because it has an unusually thick finish and feels when compared to a typical tie.

7-Fold Ties 2

The seven-fold tie takes three and a half hours to produce and is a demanding piece of apparel. Because it is so thick and requires so much fabric and work to manufacture, it is a rather uncommon tie.



For genuinely formal occasions, the bowtie is a must and maybe a fun substitute for the standard tie. They go great with a seersucker suit because they are so well-liked in the Southern regions.

 This kind of tie is appropriate for a range of occasions, including balls, cocktail parties, and everyday wear.

                                             -By Ishita Das 

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