Let Your Feet do the Talking I A guide to Foot Care

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Appreciate your feet. The stage and catwalk, depend on our feet, but anywhere you go, they’re on display. Therefore, the feet must look and feel healthy. It’s too easy to forget your foot care, Some of us do. But when our feet begin to look scaly and dry, or when our heels start showing Roman numerals, it’s time for a foot care routine.

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Caring for your feet

Hectic lifestyles and stress can be factors that may contribute to the neglect of footcare. We must do our best to remember, that our feet are important and should be pampered as often as possible. It is easy to skip the feet when moisturizing if in a hurry to leave the house, or after a shower. The heels demand our attention and care.

Many of us use strapless shoes, sandals, and slippers and seldom wear socks. Having well-kept feet is imperative in cases such as these. The heels are exposed often and faced with harsh weather conditions, which can cause peeling, cracking, flaking, and extreme dryness. Sometimes, these conditions are so severe that the damage can be quite unsightly.

Here are some tips to consider

1. Walking on the seashore, with bare feet or rubbing sea sand on the feet. The sea sand helps the feet. It exfoliates it and heals it. It also helps with circulation like a massage would.

2. Use your banana and plantain peels to rub on your heels and soles of the feet. This keeps it supple, soft, and smooth.

3. Try foot creams and balms that are sold specifically for feet and heels. Some say Vicks Vaporub is a useful home remedy.

4. Vaseline and Glycerin are also very helpful in healing cracked skin on the heels and soles.


5. Soak the feet in lemon juice, Epsom salts, and water as often as possible.

6. Have that pedicure that you have been putting off.

7. Moisturize often with Shea butter or cocoa butter, at night before bed.

8. Use a pair of socks on moisturized feet to sleep. If possible, wear socks throughout the day.

Caring for the feet serves to maintain a complete and beautiful appearance. Being aware of the condition and appearance of your feet should be a part of everyone’s daily hygiene routine.

Equal attention should be given to the toes. Many of us struggle with nail fungi and brittle nails. The remedy for such conditions are available on the market, for internal and external use.

For instance…

  • Vitamin E oil and capsules (applying this to the cuticles around the toes daily)

  • Topical Nail Fungus treatments (these usually come with applicators for easy use under the nails)

  • Tea Tree oil (for topical use)

  • Coconut Oil (anti fungal and soothing)

Begin your personal footcare routine today! Choose what works best for you. Give the treatments or products time to prove its benefits and monitor improvement weekly. You won’t regret it.🥂




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