Does Body Size Matter?

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Body shaming is one of the most relevant issues and a lot of people are debating this topic. I read something about bullying and body shaming is one of them. People, especially women are being bullied because of their weight or their size. They were judged of how the way they dressed up and the way they look like. Society is being judgmental of the thing that they thought it’s not beautiful.

I have a question for you, does body size matter? Does Large or Extra Large size is a shame to add to your cart? Or perhaps an Extra Extra Large size is a funny thing? Does a small size or an extra small size are the only sexy in the eye of others? Does being beautiful and being a fashionista only seen in a thin body or a model body? I have a lot of questions that confused me why people are still judging and degrading our dear friends who have a double body size. Does body size matter?

Story Behind The Size

I am a size extra small, a petite girl who used to be a large size. Way back in high school, I gained too much weight. From 88 pounds I reached 132 pounds. There are moments where I feel conscious about my body, especially my arm that is why I always put a cardigan to every outfit I wore before. And I feel like whatever I am wearing doesn’t suit me because of my body. That is why most of the time, I wore jeans and a t-shirt or a loose tank top with a pair of cardigans. Not until I went to junior high school where my brother forced me to work out for a pageant that he wants me to join. I was hesitant at first but I am confident in losing pounds so I started working out and controlling my meals.


Start Of Something New

After a month or so I hit my body goal and right now I’m 92  pounds. As much as possible I’m trying to stay active and I always measure the food that I eat. I can wear every outfit I want without hesitation if it will fit me or not. To be honest, the reason for my weight loss is I’m ashamed of my body although I’m just a large size.

Girls in my age before are all small and I think that makes me feel conscious about my body size. But what I learned about my experienced is that there is nothing wrong with being a large size. I mean FAT is not a bad word as long as you accept who you really are and you learn to love yourself more. Because people’s opinion doesn’t matter if you learn to accept yourself.

Judgmental Society 

I grew up in a city and a conservative country. A lot of people always criticized ladies who wear sexy outfits or show their bellies and wear sexy shorts but at the end of the day, they were praised for having a thin body. But do you know what people do when they see a person who gained too much weight? They judge them two times as how they judge sexy ladies. In the subway, the elevator, or everywhere in the city they make fun of them.

Which makes me think. Does body size matter? Why do people continue body shaming? And then it hit me, people are not aware that they already hurt others by their words and actions and these can cause trauma and low-self esteem. That is why always be sensitive to the words that you are going to say.


In Conclusion| Stop Hiding

Body shaming causes low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and a lot more. I know a lot of people who suffered from body shaming and they are having a hard time dealing with this to the point that they become introverted. And they stopped dressing up because they are too ashamed to be judged with how the way they look.

In my point of view, I was once a large size and there were points in my life that I was ashamed but what I learned is that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Our body is a gift from God and we should be grateful regardless of what body size we have. As I have said, as long as you accept who you are, what you are, and love yourself more you will deeply understand the meaning of being beautiful.

Being beautiful is when you accept yourself and when you accept other people’s opinions of you. That’s what I called leaving a peaceful life. If people judge you, let them be. We cannot do something about it. All we have to do is to spread body positivity and educate people that there is nothing wrong with being fat and it’s okay to be fat.

Be proud of what you are and stop hiding. Go out and show the world that being beautiful is not for people who have thin bodies but you can see beauty in the double-size body too. The best way to show it is to never be afraid to dress up. Wear that might outfit-of-the-day of yours and show them what you’re capable of. 

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By Belle Willow

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