Does wearing Thongs and G-strings Cause Diseases?

health effects of thongs
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Thongs and G-strings are fast gaining track, especially among the youth and middle-aged ladies. The inners have especially become so helpful, especially among models and ladies who don’t want to spoil their outfits by having those disturbing panty lines and for those who want a transparent dress. I have decided to author this article because different people have various opinions on their innerwear and have a choice in what they should wear or not. There have been a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the dangers of thongs and g-strings. In your own honest opinion, do you think thongs and g-strings are healthy? Here are my findings:

Experts have heard their say on what makes the best underwear and we might agree with them on a number of concepts if not all. There have been proven surprising health side effects of always wearing thongs. I thought that you might need to know this. Here are the projected health effects of always wearing thongs;

health effects of thongs

1. Thongs and g-strings might expose you to bacteria:

The private parts of a lady are more sensitive to bacteria than those of a man. Ladies need to maintain good hygiene down there, rest they fall victim to bacteria attacks. The biggest problem of wearing thongs all the time is the risk of a potential bacteria effect. This is because when you are exposing your vagina and Vulva to bacteria.

2. Transfer of Bacteria from the Butt to the Vagina and Vulva:

It is a fact that thongs go between your butt checks and your vagina. This might result in a situation known as chafing and with time lead to the transfer of bacteria from the butt to your vagina.

are thongs safe?

3. Thongs and G-strings cause some little cuts:

There has been a complaint about thongs and g-strings cutting the private regions of some ladies and thus causing bruises. However, this depends more on the fabric material that has made the thong. The material can rub against the butt checks and thus cause some abrasions.

4. Risks of Unbreathability hence vaginal Infections:

Good innerwear must be breathable, according to experts from renowned universities across the world. Preferably, women should wear all-cotton underwear as frequently as possible to make the vaginal area breathable and thus reduce the risks of vaginal infections.

diseases caused by wearing thongs

5. Thongs could cause yeast Infection:

Thongs that are made of synthetic materials trap moisture and bacteria in the lady’s private parts hence increasing the risks of yeast infection.


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