Doja Cat Red Outfit at Paris Fashion Week

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What is Doja Cat? Why has it become popular?

Doja Cat, a Japanese street cat, debuted at Paris Fashion Week decked out with 30,000 crystals and crimson paint. The impressive entrance has sparked international curiosity and raised numerous concerns about the feline’s reason for clothing in this manner. According to some experts, brightly colored attire is an attempt to draw attention and become a member of the fashion world. Others believe Doja Cat just loved painting herself in brilliant hues. Whatever the case, this eccentric cat drew attention at one of the world’s most prestigious fashion shows. The unusual delivery has generated international interest, with many speculating what the crystals and paint are for. Some say the materials were intended to attract attention or fend off evil spirits, while others feel the feline fashionista is simply having fun. Regardless of the reasons for her odd look, Doja Cat has already won the hearts of fashionistas worldwide.

Doja Cat


Why Doja Cat became viral over the internet

The internet is going crazy with the feline model’s unusual look. Doja Cat’s debut at Schiaparelli’s Paris Fashion Week presentation elicited varied reactions on social media. Some find her distinctive appearance appealing, while others find it scary and wish to ban her from fashion shows. Regardless matter what others think, Doja Cat is truly unique! Doja Cat is a self-taught sculptor who works with crystals, red paint, and feathers. She rose to prominence after being included in W Magazine’s “Art Issue.” Some fashion experts applauded her performance at the Schiaparelli presentation, but other spectators were less enthused. Her appearance has been described as “distracting,” “gaudy,” and “weird” by some. Others find her ingenuity invigorating and one-of-a-kind.


Doja Cat became viral


Dorja cat at Paris fashion week 

Doja Cat Covered in 30,000 Crystals at Schiaparelli

The Spring 2023 couture shows kicked off with a glittering spectacular at Schiaparelli in Paris. Supermodels Shalom Harlow, Irina Shayk, and Naomi Campbell walked the runway in costumes adorned with foam animal heads inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno.


In terms of aesthetics, dazzling bronze-gold face and body paint were used to bring Daniel Roseberry’s characteristic surreal gold-plated faces to life, blurring the lines between actual beings and inanimate things.


Thom Browne


Doja wore a red-white-blue lip stripe to the Thom Browne presentation to honor the designer. Her ensemble included a furry teddy-shaped purse and a green and black striped frock.

Victoria Beckham

Doja wore a white slip dress with mid-length boots and a Balenciaga Le Cagole purse for Victoria Beckham’s PFW debut. She dressed down in sunglasses and a Sporty & Rich hat.

Vivienne Westwood


Doja Cat piled various patterns atop one another during Andreas Kroenthaler’s Vivienne Westwood presentation, wearing graphic eyeliner and lined lips.



Doja donned a black wrap dress for Monot, glammed up with white face paint, blue contouring, and red lips, creating a viral moment.



The actress dressed down for Givenchy with a single-breasted jacket, a little skirt, and knee-high boots. She glammed up her shaved brows with stud detailing, striped lips, and smokey eyelids.

Written by Ishita Das

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