Drake Fashion: 7 of the Rapper’s Iconic Style Statements to look out for in 2024

Drake fashion red carpet
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Drake is a name that needs no introduction in the music industry. The Canadian rapper and singer based in the US has been an influential figure in contemporary hip-hop and R&B. His hit song ” Gods Plan” holds the record as one of his most streamed songs on Spotify, having over 1.8 billion streams. Even though Drake is not only known for his successful musical career but also for his unique and trendsetting sense of style. Personally speaking, I am the type of person who can never hide my admiration for Drake’s fashion sense. Buckle up; let me take you through a Drake fashion statement worthy of keeping an eye on this year.

1. Drake Style: Luxe Sportswear

 Drake fashion luxe


Drake is a master when it comes to combining luxury and activewear. Whether performing on stage or just off duty, you will often witness him rocking stylish tracksuits and other sports-inspired outfits of high-end brands matched with casual pieces.

2. Drake Fashion: Over-sized Silhouettes

Drake fashion oversizewd silhoettes


Drake is also a fanatic of stylish oversized garments. Again, you will often see him in oversized hoodies, baggy pants, and exaggerated coats. This trend goes a long way in adding a sense of vintage-inspired vibe to his outfits.

3. Drake Fashion Sense. Monochromatic Looks

Drake fashion monochromatic looks


If you pay attention to Drake’s style, you will realize his love for monochromatic outfits. Apart from when on stage, Drake has appeared in many events rocking a style that typically revolves around a single base color. For instance, he can seamlessly pair neutral tones like a light blue shirt with darker blue jeans without compromising his overall style.

4. Drakes Statement Accessories

Drake fashion accessories


Drake complements his overall signature style by adding a selection of cool jewelry pieces that add a touch of luxury and sophistication. For instance, he is often seen in designer sunglasses, stylish hats, and chains that differentiate him from the rest artists. His good taste in accessories symbolizes his passion for both his hip-hop music culture and fashion.

5. Drakes Designer Collaborations

Drake fashion designer collaborations


Drake’s unique sense of fashion has not only captured the attention of his fans but also many top designers. His influence in the fashion realm has seen him collaborate with top brands from NIKI to OVO and others hence bringing to us exclusive pieces that are making waves in the fashion industry.

6. Drake Streetwear with a Twist

Drake fashion streetwear


Even on the streets, Drake’s style makes heads turn. He seamlessly combines both casual and high-end designer outfits to create a look that is sophisticated yet stylish. For instance, you will witness him rocking stylish hoodies, oversized sweatpants, and cool boots when off the stage.

7. Drake red carpet Glamour

Drake fashion red carpet


Drake’s red carpet-appearances have always been breathtaking. His effortless cool style is nothing short of how a red carpet event should be grazed. Drake continues to set trends on red carpet events with his iconic fashion statements. From his impeccable tuxedo suits, street-inspired look to statement accessories, Drake continues to redefine red-carpet fashion with his unique fashion choices.

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Exclusively written by: DANIEL MUTUMA

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