10 Tips for Dressing According to your Body: Part II

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It has been a long, though unintended hiatus…but I am back with the second part of this blog! Without further ado, let us look at five more dressing tips according to our different body features…if you are reading my blog for the first time and want to read about the other five tips I shared earlier, you can see them here.

When I shared the first part of this blog, I received a response from a male reader who asked if I could share some tips for men as well.  Now, while men’s fashion is not my expertise area, keeping the above comment in mind I have tried to provide dressing options which would be suitable for both men and women.  So here goes!

1. Know your stripes.

It is fairly common knowledge that stripes make us look taller/thinner.  But there’s a catch to this. There is a lot of debate around whether horizontal or vertical stripes should be worn to look thinner or fatter, or taller and shorter, and many people say that horizontal stripes make you look thinner and taller  But as per my experience, it is the thickness of the individual stripe that is the deciding factor.  You can choose either vertical pinstripes. or horizontal medium stripes if you wish to look taller and thinner, but broad stripes worn horizontally would actually accentuate your body type, so avoid these if your build is stocky or large.


dressing according to your body 1
Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Image Courtesy: Pinterest
Image courtesy: Pinterest

 2.  Know your prints.

I’m not sure most of us always realize this, but prints do a lot for our bodies.  In fact, there is a whole post I can do about prints and dots alone, but for now, let me say this. I’m sure we can all sense generally that large prints accentuate largeness, while small prints provide an overall trim, tidy appearance.  However, prints correspond to your body, so while small prints may look good on a small body, large prints may be overwhelming. Here is a marvellous example is given below from one of my favourite fashion blogs, you can check out further details here

dressing according to your body 2
Image Courtesy: Beauty Fashioned Simply 

3. When in doubt, wear solid colours.

Solid colours are safe, and reliable, and can be worn on both formal as well as casual attires. If you know what are the colours that look good on you per your skin tone, you can pull off any solid colour combo with style!  If you are not sure, blacks and whites, and primary colours like green, blue and red are the safest bets in your wardrobe!


dressing according to your body 3
Image courtesy: Pinterest
Image Courtesy: Pluss

4.  Wear flared pants if you have a balanced body but thin legs.

Thin legs can really upset the overall balance of the body and it is best to keep that in mind while wearing trousers or casual pants and jeans.  Since legs are thinnest at the bottom near the ankles, flared pants do a nice job of restoring balance.  And yes, while men may have a mental block against wide flaring hems of pants, wearing flared pants is good for them, too!

Image Courtesy: The Guardian
Image Courtesy: Christopher Peterson

5.  Know your collar.

Last but certainly not least! Collars are a vital part of our dressing items because they highlight the neck and make it look stylish.  So, it is essential to know the kind of collar that would look good basis how short, or long your neck is. It is best to wear low, Mandarin or Cuban collars in case of a short neck, and a high collar in case you have a long neck.  Below are examples of how to carry off a High collar, a Mandarin collar and a Cuban collar(left to right) 

dressing according to your body 4
Image Courtesy: Pinterest
Image Courtesy: Pinterest
Image Courtesy: Threadcurve.com

I hope you find these tips useful while choosing apparel for yourselves in the future. However, please remember to not be bound by stereotypes, but continue to explore and experiment with dressing and above all, don’t forget to stamp it with your distinctive personality!

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