Dressing Up On A Rainy Day

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Pluviophile. This is what you call a person who feels comfort whenever it’s raining or simply known as a rain lover.  Are you one of those people? If you think you are a pluviophile how does it feel dressing up on a rainy day? Can you feel the warmth of a heavy coat on your body? Or the smell of brewed coffee to make you stay awake on a cold day? Here are a few ideas you might want to consider dressing up on a rainy day but this time let’s make it simple and comfy.

Go-To-Outfit/Lounge Wear

Dressing Up On A Rainy Day
Rainy Day Outfits

And who says you can’t go on a day with your lounge outfit? Well, ladies! There is loungewear that we call a go-to-outfit for whenever you need to step out of the house and since we are talking about a rainy day outfit this style is perfect for it. It gives you comfort and a homey vibe. With a pair of sneakers or a boot perhaps as well as a cute Bum Bags. But if you think this style is too cold for a rainy day, bring a thick coat with you to protect you from a cold-weather as well as a beanie hat.

Bubble Jacket On A Boot

cold Rainy Day outfit

If you get easily cod under the heavy rain, a bubble jacket will get you! Just paired it with a boot and then you’re ready to go. With this style, you can make a lot of creative ways to look stylish and posh but since it is a rainy day jeans or leggings will do to help you warm. Always remember to match your bags with the color of your outfit for a perfect outcome.

Personal Hack



Rainy Day Leather Outfit

This is a hack I’ve been doing every time it’s raining and I need to go out. Black outfits always save me, especially in very wet weather and I can still stay on-poised. Why? Because people will not notice if you get dirty from the rain since it’s black and it’s easy to wipe it without telling you’re getting dirty. With a pair of boots and cute satchels, you can walk in the rain effortlessly.

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