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We might just have entered the twenty-first century, but fashion appears to be trapped in the 1990s. With styles like chain necklaces, the decade is poised to inform much of the summertime 2022 style initiative, after making a significant comeback last year. Bermuda shorts, crisp 90s lines, and more were all shown on the runways. The revolution’s popularity is widespread, ranging from fashion publications to Instagram, but Dua Lipa is the movement’s undisputed poster girl. Continue scrolling to view Dua Lipa’s retro-styled masterpieces in no systematic manner. But be warned: once you’ve finished, you might find yourself unable to resist the urge to put on ripped pants.

Fashion notes: Dua Lipa, of course, makes the classic plaid two-piece appear sleek by wearing it with a top and with ’90s hair fringes.

Fashion notes: This is what we refer to as a party dress. Dua Lipa knew that the only way to see in the Roaring Twenties was to glitter.

Fashion notes: The combination of a pink puffy jacket and a leopard print ball cap is part Baby Spice, part Sporty Spice, and all Dua Lipa.

Fashion notes: The orange eyeshadow is the actual standout of this outfit, which is kept simple in white denim and a printed tee.

Fashion notes: Have you heard the word rhinestone? Dua’s gritty continued to live origins give her glittering milestone a different look.

Fashion notes: White heels and sheer, ripped tights? Only Dua Lipa could make us want to give it a shot.

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Fashion notes: On stage, wearing bright tartan and a hot-pink bikini top like it’s nothing.

photo by: GETTY IMAGES

Fashion notes: On the red carpet, are you shoulder-robing? That requires dedication.


Dua Lipa is on fire, and I mean that in the best possible way. Dua Lipa is rapidly becoming a style icon all her own, not only as one of the world’s most prominent pop performers (she’s been pushing her hit album Future Nostalgia for almost two years!). And quite rightly so. Dua Lipa isn’t afraid of going monochrome, but she often finds a new way to include accents that give her outfits a unique twist.

That’s all for today’s article. I hope this style guide makes you wanna give this a HUGE go! For more interesting articles, keep following me!

By: AK

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