Eliza Dushku Rocks in High Heels and 7 Short Dresses!

Eliza Dushku beautiful, hot sexy dress and high heels
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Eliza Dushku: A stylish power, which Eliza Dushku undoubtedly has both in her acting and real life, is what attracts public attention. Since her earliest days and the most recent ones, she fascinated the audience not only with her professional talent but her fashion choices as well. The hotness of her look could be summarised in one thing she expertly wears the short dress and high heels combo. Here are seven times Eliza Dushku rocked short dresses and high heels, leaving us in awe.

1. The Little Black Dress: Eliza Dushku

Eliza adorned a classic little black dress with strappy black heels and looked beautiful. The subtlety of the attire that she wore brought out her inner beauty.

The Little Black Dress: Eliza Dushku

2.  Red Hot dress;

Red is a color that is worn to spread love. In a classy and trendy red mini dress and matching heels, Eliza set trends at a red carpet event. The garment was a perfect match for her mood of that day.

Eliza Dushku red dress

3. The Beautiful Floral Fun:

Eliza opted to portray her femininity by putting on a flowery print dress with nude heels. The soft colors and shapeless garment fitted her so well as if it was tailored especially for her romantic figure.

Floral Fun by Eliza Dushku

4. Unique Leather and Lace: Eliza Dushku

Eliza has gone for a more edgy look with a mini black leather dress and lace-up heels. The mix-up of the textures brought more life to the outfit and gave it a unique style of hers.

Eliza Dushku hot dress

5. Sparkle and Shine:

Eliza was stunning in her sequin mini dress and silver heels. She twirled and sparkled in those sequins perfectly matching the lively crowd in the town and winning the admiration of everyone.

Eliza Dushku beautiful, hot sexy dress and high heels

6. How Can You Channel Your Boho Chic Vibe?

The dress with its bohemian style and the suede ankle boots made Eliza look so effortlessly cool. The loose fit and natural colors of her clothes represent her easygoing wardrobe.

Eliza Dushku in Boho Chic dress

7. Bold and Beautiful: Eliza Dushku

Eliza highlighted her style with a patterned and high-heeled dress. The artistic print and vivid colors conveyed her happy personality and that the dress is worn by those who are confident and are not afraid to break boundaries.




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