Emily In Paris: Business Meeting Look Outfit Ideas

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Here’s a funny thing I want to share with you. The reason why I watched Emily In Paris it’s because from the trailer I was amazed at her clothing choices. It’s modern, new, posh, and stylish that everyone can relate to. Aside from that, she is in the business world and her outfit can rock every meeting.

 Emily’s Coat Style For A Meeting


If only I can show you all of Emily’s trench coat styles then I would. But if you watched the series you know what she wore underneath that coat. Her trench coat style is a very french kind of style to the point that a lot of viewers are mimicking her looks in the series. I love that striped blazer coat paired with striped shorts. It’s formal and you can wear it to a formal business meeting to close some deal.

Emily’s Formal Dress Style For A Meeting


A formal dress is every girl’s go-to outfit for a business meeting. Mostly they wear it for a dinner meeting in a class restaurant in the city. And Emily In Paris shows how a lady should rock a dress on every occasion, do you agree with that?

Emily’s Pencil Skirt Style For A Meeting


This style is good for whenever you have a meeting outside like in the coffee shop. It’s cute and stylish plus it gives you a teenage vibe.

Emily’s Denim Style For A Meeting


If you watched the series, it’s unusual that Emily wore denim jeans and I don’t know why. It doesn’t matter though 😂. But if I were to choose, I would probably choose a denim style for a business meeting because aside from its comfortable I want to stay on my style as well.

I know I’m not the only one who envies Emily for wearing those marvelous and elegant outfits. And thanks to Emily In Paris for giving us ideas on what to wear for our next business meeting. See you at the next one!

Photo credit to Emily In Paris’s Instagram Account and Pinterest

By Belle Willow

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