Engagement Rings for Her: A Symbol of Eternal Love

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Who doesn’t like to wear rings, everyone does, especially girls. And when it’s an engagement ring in the picture, the significance multiplies. After all, your engagement ring is the symbol of the eternal love you share with your life partner. So, it is not just any ring but a passage to your lover’s heart. If an engagement ring is this special a thing, you just can’t choose it casually. Below are a few types of engagement rings for women who are calling the shots in the market. Hope you’ll find your ringmate with any one of these jewelry creations.

Classic Engagement Rings

Take a closer look at your mom’s engagement ring. It can be a standard example of the classic ring style unless your mom was way ahead of her time. Well, rings with a classic touch exhibit traditional gemstone cuts and shapes such as an emerald-cut or a round-cut solitaire.

Speaking of the ring body, such rings have highly polished plain or pave set metal bands. These rings often feature diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds mounted on sleek metal bands with no extra detailing. Although you may find classic rings featuring other uncommon gemstones. All in all, these rings have an ageless design making them perfect candidates for timeless heirloom jewelry.

Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings

For the true admirers of Mother Nature, nature-inspired engagement rings is a boon. Wearing such a ring can help you incorporate the natural components of the earth into your life. Of course, the most obvious way of doing this is to opt for a natural gemstone in your ring. Others include exotic floral designs in gemstone clusters or metal bands adorned with twisted vines or leafy patterns.

You can also have organic gemstones such as coral, pearl, or amber studded in your ring. But such rings shouldn’t be worn as engagement rings since these stones are very soft. It’s good to wear them on occasion purposes only and not regularly.

 collection of bypass engagement rings in different styles
 collection of bypass engagement rings in different styles

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Modern Engagement Rings

Modern rings exhibit modern art finesse with a playful twist. Such rings often showcase double bands or split shanks with a matte finish. You can find these rings in sleek metal bands and minimal ring settings. A bezel-set or multi-prong set gemstone on a knife-edge band is a good example of a modern ring. Bypass or open-ended rings are popular trendsetters in this category. The two ends of the metal band never meet in such rings. Instead, the band takes a curve or detour while holding the gemstone(s) in place.

Modern rings may offer unconventional gemstones in non-traditional cuts. For instance, such rings may feature marquise, heart, pear, or cushion-cut morganites, aquamarines, fancy sapphires, peridots, tanzanites, etc. Nonetheless, this is not a rule but a thought behind modernizing rings. This means that a ring featuring a brilliant-cut round diamond or ruby can still be modern given the criteria above.

Customized Engagement Rings

Talk about rings worn on special occasions, rings carrying special meaning stand out. Yes, we are hinting at custom-made engagement rings. Here, the engagement part brings out the beauty of a marital relationship and the custom-made tag makes it truly unique to the wearer. So, what is the most romantic way to personalize an engagement ring?

Well, most couples get fingerprints or names/initials engraved on the ring. Some others prefer to get their engagement date or a short heartfelt message inscribed on the metal band. Incorporating birthstones is also a thoughtful gesture to introduce good luck and happiness in your married life.

engagement rings for women
a collection of vintage-style rings in different styles


Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

Antique and vintage rings are all about intricate hand-crafted metalwork. These rings display extensive filigree patterns and milgrain detailing specific to bygone eras. Hand-engraved artistic designs are highly appreciated in such rings. But if you think you can’t style these age-old charms on your fingers on today’s date, you are clueless.

Genuine vintage-style rings are becoming extremely popular among lovers of heirloom jewelry. These rings are the true legacy of their original wearers and hence carry a rich history. If you receive one from your grandmom then that could be called a real antique ring from your grandmom’s era. Alternatively, you can find yourself a new vintage-style ring in several varieties. This one can be called a new version of the ring with the old flavor.

Ring Settings to Choose From

Now that you have fixated your eyes on the ring style, it is time to choose the most suitable ring setting for your love emblem. The following are the most popular ones:

Prong or Claw Setting: It is one of the most sought-after settings for gemstone rings in which the gemstones are held by metal claws. Such a ring setting is ideal for folks who love to flash their gemstones to the world. But it’s not a good catch for softer gemstones which might chip or scratch after getting exposed to external forces.

Bezel Setting: It is the most ideal setting for softer gemstones and also for individuals with active lifestyles. In a bezel set ring, the gemstone is enclosed in a metal rim with only its top portion visible. It protects the gemstones from external damage and also offers a sleek modern appeal.

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Pave Setting: For the ultimate lovers of gemstone glitz, a pave set ring features dainty diamonds studded meticulously on a metal band. Held by micro prongs, the mounting is so precisely done that all that meets your eyes is absolute dazzle and no metal. This setting is most popular in solitaire and halo rings.

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