Eternity Bands: The Perfect Anniversary Gift Idea 2024

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Rings have long been revered as tokens of love and symbolism rather than just motifs of adornment. For centuries, people have been wearing rings studded with gemstones as charms of abundance and armor of protection in turbulent times. With the changing fashion sense, rings are now crafted in several styles, some of which are not only designer but also sentimental in a meaningful way.

Rings define relationships of trust, promise, loyalty, and commitment. One of the ring styles that is synonymous with enduring love is an eternity band style. If you are still new to the term, let us give you a quick trip to the world of eternity bands.

What are Eternity Rings and When Should You Get One?

Eternity rings offer a dazzling assembly of similar or different-shaped gemstones decked along the width of a metal band. So, what you see is a never-ending row of gemstones, with each gem arranged adjacent to the other, giving the ring an “eternal” look and feel.

This “eternal” tag is what makes eternity bands a meaningful expression of love in weddings, anniversaries and even as push present jewelry gifts. The best part is that these rings work wonders in ring stacking, elevating your fingers from tip to base.

Eternity Band Styles

You typically picture an eternity band as an unending string of gemstones but that doesn’t count anymore. Watch how an eternity band can unleash a creative and affordable anniversary gift with the following eternity band styles:

1. Full Eternity Ring: Well, this category perfectly fits the generic definition of an eternity ring. A full eternity band lays a trail of dainty gemstones lined up on a metal band. It’s a sight that is quite spectacular but also too difficult to resize.

2. Half Eternity Ring: Those who say eternity rings can’t be resized should try their hands on a half eternity band. Such a ring displays an array of gemstones on half of the metal band that is visible on the top.


3. Three Fourth Eternity Ring: Now, you have more gemstones than a half and less than a full eternity ring. So, it’s a win-win for those who wish to cut down on the cost and still flash the bling as far as possible without worrying about resizing.

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eternity bands

 A collage of diamond, ruby, emerald and blue sapphire eternity bands from our inventory

Eternity Band Settings

Rings are also about how the gemstones are inherently set on the metal band rather than just about the style. Whether you pick all-green emeralds, all-red rubies or multi-colored sapphire eternity bands, you can always have a say in how your gemstones in set in the ring. Here’s how you can picture your eternity band:

1. Prong Set: Like always, prong setting dominates the chart here as well. With less detailing, prongs promise to give maximum screen time to your gemstones to flash on your ring.

2. Bezel Set: With this many dainty gemstones around, if you’re concerned about one or two coming out here and there, a bezel setting will keep each one of them in place. So, no more worries now.


3. Channel Set: Want no metal, all gems? The channel set will help you channel your intentions with a continuous track of gemstones set across a row of metal. In total, you get protection and splendor in the same case.

4. Pave Set: Craving for limitless sparkle? Pave set diamonds on your full eternity diamond band is the height of flaunting luxury and elegance.

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