Everything You Need to Know about Granola Aesthetic!

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Are you a Granola girl? If you don’t know what that means keep reading this blog to know everything about it, and by the end of it, you will definitely know whether you are a person with a granola aesthetic or not.

Everything you need to know about Granola Aesthetic!

This aesthetic is also known as ‘Earthcore’. Granola aesthetic is all about being aesthetic a little ‘out there but still earthy and eco-conscious. These people are progressive liberals, who focus greatly on the environment and believe in recycling. They probably have tried to go vegan once! These people care about the waste generated by fast fashion companies and try to avoid filling landfills with their clothes.

Granola Aesthetic

People following the Granola aesthetic also known as ‘Granolas’ tend to love hiking, hammocking, and listening to music like The Lumineers, Caamp, and Fleetwood Mac. They have advanced knowledge of technology and they work to admire the beauty of the environment while also focusing on improving the lives of human civilization.

They are ‘Modern-day-hippies’, very grounded but energetic at the same time. Selfcare is very important to them but also it is very important to them in what companies they support.  They love reusing and making products (DIY).

Granola Aesthetic 2
Another thing that the Granolas are nuts about is their coffee! You will hear all about it from them all day long, whether it be iced coffee, kombucha or yerba mate.

Granolas love thrifting and buying pre-loved clothes. But their go-to brands are famous ones like PatagoniaBirkenstocks, LL Bean, and Blundstones.

Granola Aesthetic 3

These people love jewellery that gives them rustic feels. If you are a Granola person you need jewellery with lots and lots of beads. Their colour palette is all about nature. The colours visible in nature such as green, deep brown, and rusty red are their go-to. With long oversized sweaters and comfortable fleece jackets, you’ll fit right into the aesthetic- quite comfortably so.

Granola Aesthetic 4

We’d want to conclude by saying that although being a part of a group like the Granola Girls sounds like fun, it’s crucial to maintain our sense of originality and identity while simultaneously adhering to such trends.

There are many uplifting elements in The Granola Girls that we can apply to our daily lives.

Blog by: Priya Grover
Image credit: Pinterest

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