Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Shirts

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In recent times, everyone has cared about luxury clothing. However, the choice of textiles is important in the world of luxury shirts, where every little detail is monitored closely. Titling emerges as a fundamental signal of quality in this pursuit of perfection. Titling is an often-overlooked indicator of the complexity and craftsmanship that differentiate genuinely remarkable shirts.

Titration is an indicator of fineness and quality

Titration is a count-based system for determining the fineness of the fibres used in fabric weaving. The higher the titration, the finer and higher quality the fibres become. High-titre textiles, known for their softness, suppleness, and silkiness, are a practical choice for our high-end shirts. Titration, a critical fabric texture and feel factor, directly influences perceived quality. The fibres used in our textiles are carefully chosen to provide outstanding fineness and unmatched softness. Our luxury shirts, with a high titre of 120-140 for poplin fabrics and 100 for oxford fabrics, offer comfort transparent from the first touch, providing absolute comfort throughout the day.

The ideal balance between lightness and quality

Our shirts, with a grammage of around 100g/m², strike the perfect balance between lightness and quality. This distinctive design enables them to adjust easily to the shifting temperatures of spring and summer, keeping you cool and comfortable while preserving their rich appearance and wonderful fit. Not only are our shirts a pleasure to wear on hot days, but their lightweight construction also ensures they retain their beautiful appearance and stylish finish. Whether it’s a day at the office, an outdoor conference, or a summer celebration, our excellent shirts keep you looking and feeling great no matter the occasion.

When you choose our lightweight luxury shirts, you’re not just opting for comfort and style. Each shirt is a testament to outstanding craftsmanship, with the lightness of the fabric carefully matched against quality and longevity. This guarantees that you’re buying a long-lasting product that provides the luxury of lightness and elegance. With our six excellent luxury shirts, each intended to boost your style and comfort during the spring-summer season, you’re making a fashionable and durable choice.

A unique heritage: The Italian Sictess line from Tessitura Monti

In 2023, Tessitura Monti, one of the most distinguished Italian textile firms with which we have collaborated since our inception, was driven to close all its manufacturing locations in Italy, marking the end of a significant chapter in Italian textiles. After more than a century of unparalleled artistry, this decision signifies the end of an era.

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Picture Credit: Tessitura Monti

Tessitura Monti, established in 1911 by the Monti brothers, is renowned for producing top-tier textiles. Their ‘Sictess’ collection featured the most luxurious fabrics, precisely woven in their Italian facilities. The decision to shift their operations entirely to India has influenced the Italian textile industry, leading to the loss of invaluable knowledge and history.


We are honoured to continue the legacy of Tessitura Monti with our latest shirts crafted from exceptional materials. Each shirt is a testament to its commitment to perfection, featuring beautiful, smooth, and lasting materials from its ‘Sictess’ brand. This brand is synonymous with customized tailoring and premium house service. We are thrilled to offer you these unique pieces, authentic leftovers of rare and valuable expertise, at remarkably affordable prices. But be cautioned: once you experience it, you will be captivated!

Luxury in the segments: The strength of double cord and the delicacy of English seams

In the never-ending pursuit of eminence, every detail is important. Our luxury shirts stand out for their great quality and unique features. Two key components stand out in this search for perfection: double-twisted cotton and English seams.

The choice of double-twisted cotton is a distinguishing feature of our top-of-the-range shirts. This weaving technique twists two threads, creating a stronger, more resistant thread. This added strength ensures the fabric’s durability and makes it feel soft and luxurious. By opting for shirts with this feature, our customers benefit from a garment that combines comfort and elegance, standing up to the rigours of time while retaining its beauty.

English seams with seven stitches per cm provide handmade quality and an excellent finish. This sewing method, also known as folded seams, involves folding the fabric’s edges to make a smooth seam on the inside of the garment. The result is a precise, subtle, and durable finish, giving our shirts a high-end appearance. English seams offer richness and refinement to our designs, showcasing our dedication to quality and attention to detail.

Double plies and English seams are fundamental elements that distinguish our exceptional luxury shirts. They embody our commitment to offering our customers the best in elegant luxury. These manufacturing details, combined with the highest-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, make our shirts unique for those seeking excellence and refinement in every aspect of their wardrobe.

Premium details: The various collars

In addition to the high quality of the materials, our fabulous shirts stand out for their delicate features, notably the collars. Each model has a selection of collars, providing our customers with various ways to show their style and individuality.

The shark collar represents ageless classicism. The shirt’s classic neckline and clean lines exude a subtle, refined elegance ideal for formal or professional events.

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The tab collar reflects the refined appeal of British gentlemen. Raised slightly with shorter points, it adds refinement to the costume and is appropriate for a casual yet classy setting.

The reverse collar, with its tip twisted backwards, has a striking and modern appearance. It stands out for its originality and distinctiveness, giving the shirt a modern twist ideal for people seeking a one-of-a-kind appearance.

The pin collar, kept together by a pin, combines conventional beauty with a dash of uniqueness. This collar lends a touch of antique elegance to any ensemble, making it ideal for individuals who value traditional details with a daring edge.

Whatever your style or occasion, our outstanding shirts have a variety of collars to suit all your needs and elevate your appearance with refinement and elegance. Our high-end luxury shirts illustrate sophistication and elegance, catering to individuals who value the finer things in life. Discover the ultimate tailored excellence with our exclusive luxury shirts, and elevate your wardrobe.

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