Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 Met Gala

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First things first: What is the 2024 Met Gala?

Officially, the 2024 Met Gala is the Costume Institute benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a black-tie extravaganza that takes place on the first Monday of May to generate funds for the museum’s fashion wing, which is the only curatorial division at the Met that is self-supporting.

Cardi B at the 2024 Met Gala

Officially, it’s the biggest celebration of the year, the East Coast’s Oscars, and “an A.T.M. for the Met” (the latter attributed to public relations specialist Paul Wilmot). Considering that the Met’s Art & Artists Gala brought about $4.4 million, the event from the previous year raised nearly $22 million.

How could that be true? What is the recipe’s secret ingredient?

Simply put, Anna Wintour.

After joining the company in 1995, Ms. Wintour, the global editorial director of Condé Nast and the editor-in-chief of its flagship fashion magazine, Vogue, has been spearheading the gala since 1999. She has turned it from a typical charity event into a mega-showcase for Vogue’s worldview, bringing together a who’s who of Hollywood, tech, politics, sports, fashion, and increasingly social media. Every brand is inconsiderate of every other brand.

We refer to it as the All-Star Game of Entrances or the Fashion X Games.

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What time is it?

Monday, May 6, is the big day. Theoretically, the timed arrivals—each visitor has a designated slot—begin at 5:30 p.m., typically with the hosts of the evening, and conclude at approximately 8 p.m. However, you attempt to schedule Rihanna’s appearance. (The year before, she arrived so belatedly that other attendees had started to depart.)

Is there a theme for the 2024 Met Gala?


celebrity at the 2024 Met Gala

The Costume Institute’s yearly blockbuster show opens with this gala, which is frequently followed by a benefit with an exhibition theme. That was simple last year because Karl Lagerfeld, the designer of Chanel, and Fendi, and his line, were the topic and the attire guideline. However, it is far more complicated this year and is titled “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.”

It won’t be based on Disney or fairy tales, but rather on priceless items from the museum’s fashion collection that are too delicate and old to be put on mannequins. Rather, the exhibition will feature 3-D and artificial intelligence recreations of the piece together with sound and, uh, scent. That’s not all, though.

Andrew Bolton, the chief curator of the Costume Institute, was inspired by the concept of deteriorating dresses—the exhibition will feature over 250 items spanning four centuries—to consider the transience of nature, which led him to consider gardens, which in turn inspired the dress code for the celebration.

Alright, what is the required attire for the 2024 Met Gala?


the 2024 Met Gala "The Garden Of Time" Theme

It could be just as confusing as the display. Visitors are expected to dress for “The Garden of Time,” which takes its name from a 1962 short tale by J.G. Ballard about the serene existence of an aristocratic couple living in a walled estate with a beautiful garden, threatened by an invading mob. The spouse attempts to roll back time by breaking off flower after flower until there are no more blossoms to keep the gathering at bay. The two nobles turn to stone when the crowd arrives and loots the estate.

Exactly what springs to mind when one thinks of “fashion”?

Many are baffled as to how this parable will be rendered in fabulousness, but if in question, roses are probably the best option. Along with corsets, draperies, and maybe a few amazing vintage gowns, the smart money is on the return of the late John Galliano.


However, there can be a few surprises. Jared Leto showed up last year decked up in full cat couture as Mr. Lagerfeld’s feline, Choupette. (Finally, after weeks of conjecture, the inspiration for the look did not show up.) Expect a lot of Jonathan Anderson works, as Loewe is one of the sponsors of the show and evening. He did create a coat that was able to grow actual grass once. Don’t you think that would look amazing as a formal sheath?

Who are the hosts for the 2024 Met Gala?

Ms Wintour will be co-chaired by Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Chris Hemsworth, and Bad Bunny for the 2024 met gala; Mr. Anderson of Loewe and Shou Chew, the CEO of TikTok, will serve as honorary chairmen. (TikTok is sponsoring along with Loewe and Condé Nast, but it’s unclear if he will attend at all considering what’s going on with that social media firm right now in Washington.) Similar to the party itself, the mix of music, movies, fashion, and social media influences the choice of hosts.

The hosts of the webcast are who?

For the fourth year in a row, Vogue will be livestreaming the event to provide an inside look at the gala. The hosts from last year’s event, which featured La La Anthony, Derek Blasberg, Emma Chamberlain, and Chloe Fineman, have not yet been revealed.

Who is extended an invitation?


stars in Met Gala

The guest list is kept under wraps. The 2024 Met Gala is an invitation-only event, in contrast to other cultural fund-raisers such as the Frick Collection Young Fellows Ball or the Metropolitan Opera Gala. Price is not the only factor in entry; a single ticket this year costs an astounding $75,000, which is $25,000 higher than it did the year before. Tables start at $350,000. Anna believes that buzz, achievement, and beauty are more important criteria for inclusion than financial gain. The final authority over each invitation and guest is held by Ms. Wintour.

This implies that you won’t always be eligible, even if you donate a large sum of money to the museum, and that a business purchasing a table won’t be able to pick who sits at it. It needs to ask for forgiveness and release any visitors who are with Ms. Wintour and Vogue. There are roughly 400 Chosen Ones this year and in 2023, a Costume Institute official said.

Rihanna has declared that she is here. Elsa Pataky, the wife of Mr. Hemsworth, and Ben Affleck, the husband of Ms. Lopez, are also likely to attend given the hosts. Additionally, there’s a good chance that Loewe faces like Jamie Dornan, Taylor Russell, Josh O’Connor, and Greta Lee will also appear. Based on previous years, it’s likely that there will be a few Kardashians or Jenners as well. Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are likely to make an appearance, but Sam Altman and Caitlin Clark are the most talked-about names.

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