Exploring the Evolution of Leather Jackets For Men

leather jackets for men
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Models of leather jackets for men

A leather jacket is a basic item in any man’s wardrobe. It is durable, looks great, and adds a touch of brutality to the image. The range of modern leather jackets for men is varied. And in addition to the classics, designers create something new for men every season. Today we will look at the main trends of the season, find out which models will never go out of fashion and which one to choose so that it becomes an investment in your wardrobe for many years.

Classic leather jackets for men

classic leather jackets for men

A leather jacket is a purchase for more than one season. And if you are looking for a universal option that is timeless and trendy, then first of all pay attention to these jacket models that have already become classics.

Moto or biker jacket

This men’s jacket is a true icon of American style, created in 1928 by leather legend Irving Schott specifically for Harley-Davidson. A diagonal zip fastening, a turn-down collar with studded lapels to keep the collar in place in windy conditions, and deep welt pockets are essential features of this leather jacket.

British motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets designed by English outerwear brands. It usually has four pockets on the front, a zipper closure, and some models have a belt. Most often they are made from leather with an aged effect. It’s versatile and you’ll have no problem deciding what shoes to wear with your British-style leather jacket.


Initially, only American military pilots wore such leather jackets. But the style turned out to be convenient for everyday life and was appreciated by all men. A shortened stand-up collar, cuffs, and waistband reinforced with elastic fabric and a loose fit – this jacket will make you as comfortable as possible. Feel free to wear it with things of different styles; it goes well with sports sets and urban looks.

Racing or motorcycle jacket

The racer jacket is named after small, lightweight motorcycles. Its simple, minimalist design without unnecessary details and with a characteristic stand-up collar has not lost its popularity since the 80s. It has a bomber-like feel too it’s an understated cut and is versatile for the man who wants a jacket to go with most of his wardrobe.

Aviator or pilot

In the world of men’s jackets, the aviator or pilot is the model that is most often worn in the cold season, because… The classic version features a sheepskin trim. A wide metal zipper, deep pockets, a length below the waist, and, as a rule, a dark brown color are its distinguishing features. Wear an aviator with anything from your wardrobe. What shoes to wear with a bomber leather jacket will also not be a problem: boots or sneakers will fit perfectly into the look.

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Leather jacket

A men’s leather jacket is an elegant and comfortable item that is always in fashion. It goes well with both trousers and jeans, so it is perfect for every day, for business meetings or special events.

What leather jackets for men are in fashion?

If you already have at least one basic leather model, then it’s time to dilute your wardrobe with trendy jackets.

Vintage leather jackets for men

vintage leather jackets for men

Retro style continues to gain momentum. Therefore, faded, aged, and shabby jackets are especially relevant now. Whether it’s a classic biker jacket, a bomber jacket, or a motorcycle jacket, it doesn’t matter, the main condition for this trend is the vintage effect.

Quilted leather down jacket

In the cold season, a leather down jacket can easily replace a model made from the usual jacket fabric and is not inferior to it in its practicality not to mention the fact that using leather gives any item more status.

Leather jacket-shirt

Leather jackets with a shirt cut have replaced the classic men’s models made of thick cotton, denim, or flannel. They are worn just like regular jackets: over a sweater, sweatshirt, or T-shirt.

Oversized leather jackets for men

The trend is oversized, with a dropped shoulder and mid-thigh length. You will be guaranteed to be comfortable in a voluminous jacket: it fits freely and does not restrict movement. In addition, such models are great for layered looks.

Which leather jackets for men to choose

When choosing among leather jackets, remember that you are investing in an essential wardrobe item that will last you for many years. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to classic models that will never go out of fashion. After the first basic jacket, you can calmly turn to trends and decide on a fashionable oversized or vintage-style jacket. But whatever you choose, always consider the following:

  • Shoulder seam. In basic models, it should end slightly below the shoulder line. Otherwise, the jacket will be too small.
  • Landing. A tight fit is also an indicator of the wrong size. In the classic version, a semi-adjacent cut is assumed that will not hinder movement.
  • The opening should be wide enough to fit the jacket over shirts and sweaters comfortably.

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