Fall into Style: The Essential Guide to Men’s Autumn Jackets

autumn jackets
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Choosing new autumn jackets for fall is always a difficult question. The weather this season is changeable, so the jacket should be warm, but not too heavy, protect from wind and light rain, and be combined with different clothes, but not be too boring (after all, summer has just ended and you still want to wear something lighter and brighter), but in the end, you have to choose from what filled the stores, in accordance with the latest ideas of designers…

Today we will look at the main types of men’s autumn jackets and figure out which ones are suitable for different types and situations.

General rules for choosing men’s autumn jackets

First, let’s define the terminology. A jacket is a short piece of outerwear, its length can reach the waist or at most the hips. Autumn jackets, no matter what materials they are made of, are not suitable for wearing over a business suit: if you wear a jacket and tie every day, you are better off choosing a coat, raincoat, or trench coat.

Light autumn jackets can be worn instead of a jacket over a T-shirt, shirt, polo, etc. Insulated models can be combined with jumpers, sweatshirts, and sweatshirts.

Autumn weather is especially changeable: we can expect frosts in the morning, warm sunny midday, and chilly rain in the evening. Therefore, when choosing a jacket for the fall, you should consider the possibility of increasing or decreasing the number of layers of clothing. For example, instead of a jacket with a thick lining made of wool or down, you can choose a lighter option, under which, if necessary, you can wear a sweater in the morning and take it off in the afternoon. Jackets with a removable lining are also convenient in this sense. Also, in cool weather, a stylish scarf will help you quickly warm up.

Light autumn jackets and windbreakers

Let’s start with the lightest, almost summer option – textile jackets and windbreakers. They are intended for the beginning of autumn, as a rule, they are sewn without lining and do not so much provide warmth as protect from the wind.

Nylon windbreakers most often belong to the sports style of clothing, but some brands also create urban models


In stores, you can find a variety of options for light autumn jackets. Models made of smooth fabric, tailored to the shape of a jacket or jeans, are suitable for a neutral look with trousers and a shirt. Jackets with a hood, shaped like insulated sweatshirts, look more youthful: they can be worn with any jeans, including torn and skinny ones. Sports-style windbreakers are suitable for traveling and active recreation.

Jeans autumn jackets

Short blue denim jacket – a timeless classic

The most famous textile jacket, the denim jacket, deserves a separate category. Its history goes back more than a hundred years, and during this time, denim jeans have almost never gone out of fashion.

The cut of the classic denim jacket has remained unchanged for many years: straight cut, metal bolts as buttons, pockets on the chest, and length approximately to the pelvic bones. The most traditional color of this item of clothing is light blue, but modern fashion also offers denim jeans in black, gray, white, and other shades, they can be with prints, inscriptions, embroidery, rivets, as well as with insulation and a faux fur collar.

Classic denim with a white T-shirt and black jeans is a win-win stylish option.

The denim jacket has remained popular for many years, but the fashion rules for wearing it have changed. If a few decades ago a denim suit was really chic: trousers and a jacket made of the same denim, today this combination is considered outdated. Denim jackets are meant to be worn with jeans of a different color (such as black), but tweed trousers or chinos can also work.

Leather autumn jackets

A leather jacket usually suits men of any age and build.

A leather jacket is an undeniable attribute of masculinity and another wardrobe item that never goes out of style. It can be made from natural or from the now popular artificial or eco-leather, and has various types of lining: from very light fabric to winter fur. There are also many styles of leather jackets, so you need to understand them to choose yours.

When we talk about leather jackets, the first thing that comes to mind is biker jackets: models with a zipper on the side, an essential attribute of bikers, rockers, and everyone who loves a slightly aggressive style. In fact, such jackets are quite applicable in the everyday life of an office worker, for example, in combination with jeans and a jumper, but then you should choose a discreet model without an abundance of rivets, stripes, and buckles.

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A leather biker jacket will fit perfectly into a casual look if you pair it with neutral items.

Aviator jackets also look courageous, but quite appropriate in any situation: with a zipper, with roomy pockets and, as a rule, a turn-down collar.

Insulated leather jackets may have various details that distinguish them from classic models. For example, a fur collar (if we are talking about a jacket for cold weather) or a hood that imitates a sweatshirt worn under the jacket (a popular youth option).


Bombers are especially fashionable this season, they can be found in any color

Bomber jackets are a separate category. This is a popular model of autumn outerwear for men, which is a fairly loose jacket with a zipper with elastic at the bottom of the product and on the sleeves.

Bombers made of wool fabric are an excellent alternative to a coat if you are not wearing a suit, but want to look more respectable

Bombers can be made of various materials: smooth textiles, wool, and leather. Sometimes they look closer to a sports style, especially if the elastic bands are decorated with stripes, and the jacket itself is decorated with stripes, logos, and inscriptions. In this case, it is better to combine it with jeans and sports shoes. Smooth monochromatic models look much more neutral and can be worn with trousers, a shirt, and autumn boots, such as deserts or brogues.

Autumn down jackets

The main advantage of an autumn down jacket is its lightness

For several years now, designers have been actively offering a new solution for autumn outerwear – a lightweight down jacket. We are not talking about a warm winter jacket in which you can storm the snowdrifts but about an almost weightless quilted jacket with a thin layer of padding polyester or down.


The most compact versions of this outerwear are sold not even on hangers, but in bags: this is how clothing manufacturers hint that this item will not take up much space. It is convenient to take such down jackets with you on a trip when the weather seems to still allow you to do without warm outerwear, but you never know in advance whether there will be a cold snap or rain.

Some autumn jackets look more like a jacket

If you plan to wear a light down jacket often, then it is better, of course, to avoid options in bags, since for the sake of lightness and compactness they are usually less durable. When purchasing, pay attention to the quality of seams, zippers, and fit.

By the way, light-down jackets can also come in handy in very cold weather: modern fashion suggests wearing them as an additional layer of insulation undercoats and winter jackets.

Convertible autumn jackets

Men’s autumn jacket “3 in 1” – an option for practical guys

Continuing the topic of additional layers of clothing in cold weather, one cannot help but recall all sorts of transformable jackets, or “3 in 1”. Most often they are a jacket with a detachable bottom layer. For example, a wool bomber jacket, and inside there is a thin down jacket, which is attached with buttons or snaps. Sometimes the bottom layer – a jacket or vest – can also be worn separately as a separate item.

Convertible jackets usually have sporty details

Transformable items like these are especially convenient for changeable autumn weather. The lower part of such jackets is often sewn in bright colors and becomes an additional fashionable accent in the image.


Autumn is a time not only for colorful leaves and fresh vegetables but also for chilly winds and slush. The weather is getting colder, which means we all need a jacket, and perhaps more than one. However, thanks to the variety of men’s outerwear in stores, there is a great chance to turn this dull task into a pleasant purchase and purchase a spectacular autumn jacket that will become the basis of your look during this rainy transition period.

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