Fashion and Art

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Many times art and fashion go together. In fact, in some cases, fashion is nothing but showing the capability of doing fine art.


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It’s called Hanna or a Mehndi in India and can be treated as a temporary tattoo. It will stain the skin, like potassium permanganate. It is nothing but the juice of a particular leaf. The leaves are crushed and made in syrup-like liquid or paste. It will then be filled into flexible tubes and will be artistically applied to the skin and will stain the skin.  Takes about 2 to 4 hours for staining the skin. Till that period, it should not be washed or disturbed. Once it sets, it will have a  brown color stain on the skin.


It is normally made by the persons who were used to doing this with their hands and artistically get the designs. They will do it within a few minutes and the designs are extremely attractive. It is normally made on the hands but less commonly we can see it in other parts of the body also. These are normally done in India during a marriage function.

Once it is done it will last on the skin for several days and gradually it fades away it’s extremely simple to do and very easy and it is the artistic way of doing the fashion it is not at all painful like the tattoo it is just handwork done on the skin like paint.

In all the above pictures, it is the condition of the paste still in the setting time.  It will be dark brown color in this state.

The above picture shows the color after wash. This will be the final state of it. This will gradually fade out in about 5 to 8 days.

Some of the points to be considered are :

  • It is not having any adverse effect on the skin
  • It is not toxic or allergic
  • After setting, it will not mix with any food item that we eat by hand.
  • there is only one particular color, that is reddish-brown that is available
  •  still, a lot of scope and research is required to make the designs to get different colors. 
  • If that is achieved then we can use the combination of colors and it will be extremely attractive
  •  you can also use fill colors in that case

This is a very good example to show how art and fashion are like the two faces of the same coin.

By Jayaram 

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